Thursday, January 20, 2011

Miss America was Homeschooled

The following piece appeared on Belief, congratulations Ms. Scanlan and good luck with your future.

I certainly hope she is a vocal supporter of homeschooling freedom.

Quote of the Day - For thousands of years, in thousands of places, families educated their own. This tradition changed not because a better method was found but because economic conditions required it. To work one had to lreave one's children; one's children, furthermore, had to be trained for tasks no-one in their purview could be seen doing. For these reasons institutionalised schooling was invented' and while it adequately addressed a set of economic problems it inspired a new set of human ones that are psychological, emotional, and even spiritual in nature. - David Guterson 'Family Matters - Why Homeschooling Makes Sense'

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Teresa Scanlan Miss America 2011
Sunday January 16, 2011

Miss Nebraska Crowned Miss America 2011 - Teresa Scanlan, only 17 years, becomes Miss America 2011.

After being homeschooled through her junior year, this young lady has become the youngest Miss America ever. Teresa Scanlan is a Christian an hopes to inspire good morals and honesty in her future career. She hopes to attend law school, become a judge and eventually a politician, according to the Miss America website.

She had this to say from her blog, "After being crowned Miss Nebraska 2010 in June and becoming the youngest woman to wear the Miss Nebraska crown, she deferred enrollment to Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, where she is now set to attend in the Fall of 2011. She plans on majoring in Government: American Politics and Policy and then attending Law School to become a Trial Attorney in Criminal Prosecution. Hoping to become a judge and eventually become involved in the political arena, her highest career goals are to become President or a Supreme Court Justice. As a Christian in the political arena, she hopes to break down the stereotype of crooked and dishonest politicians, operating instead under character and integrity."

Congratulations to Teresa Scanlan Miss America 2011. May she wear the crown well!

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