Saturday, January 16, 2010

Schools Can Never Get Enough Money and Call it What it is Please.

When you pay your property taxes to the schools that is not the only place the money is coming from, it is also coming from your income taxes and your state taxes. But for the greedy people in the schools that is not enough they want more money. For example from corporations, schools plead to corporations that they don't have enough money. With that comes programs like the box top fund, Campbell soap labels and programs that WalMart and Target have which give schools even more funds. Anyone ever have to sell candy bars for your schools? Yep more money because they don't have enough (sarcasm). Then there are grants and lets call federal grants what they really are YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

School funds really need to be investigated to make sure they are being spent properly. Rich Conely did a great investigative report into the slush funds at my old high school. It turns out some of the money was used by some of the administrators for themselves.

The following piece appears in the Union Leader.

Quote of the Day -
"Money is like manure. If you spread it around, it does a lot of good, but if you pile it up in one place, it stinks like hell." -- Clint W. Murchison , Texas financier
My interpretation of this quote is that money should not be given to the government but should stay with the person that has earned the money. When you pile all the money in Washington DC or with government programs like public education it starts to stink.

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School district plans to apply for Race to Top funds
Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010

MANCHESTER – The school district is moving ahead with plans to apply for federal Race to the Top money.

School board members voted last night to take the next step in the application process, authorizing Mayor Ted Gatsas to sign a memorandum of understanding.

Superintendent Tom Brennan said he has been spending most of his working hours preparing the district's bid for the money, which is being made available by the Obama administration. The state is hoping to receive between $20 million and $75 million, and city officials have estimated Manchester's share could amount to between $3 million and $6 million.

The money would benefit five Manchester elementary schools: Beech Street, Parker-Varney, Henry Wilson, Gossler Park and Bakersville.

Your Govenment Hacks Pensions our safe but is your IRA or 401Ksafe?

NOPE! How is that for Hope and Change? The following piece appears on the WND website.

Quote of the Day - "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have," Gerald R. Ford in an address to a joint session of Congress on August 12, 1974

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Now Obama wants your IRA

The Democrat version of Hope and Change is very simple: You get the hope, we keep the change.

Changes are afoot for your IRA, SEP or 401(k). The Democrats have emptied the public piggy bank, petitioned the Federal Reserve for zero-interest loans, and now they're coming for what's left of your retirement.

Of course, their motive is compassion. You listened to the evil Wall Street stockbrokers and investment bankers (you know, the ones that donate so heavily to Democratic candidates), and now your retirement fund has plummeted in value, while your home is worth less than you owe. But fear not! We have a plan.

It's really very simple. Just give us the money. In return, we will give you our best promise to pay. (That would be Treasury IOUs. You know – the same ones they've already "invested" your Social Security payments in while they've spent them as general revenue, and which now have to be repaid by ordinary taxpayers – which would be you.)

Now, why would big ol' Uncle Sam want my poor little IRA? Could it be that somebody in Washington, D.C., knows the market is not going to let them borrow enough money – at an interest rate they can afford – to fulfill their grandiose plans for Utopia on the Potomac?

Could it be that China has already told Obama, "Thanks, but no thanks. We already own enough Treasuries. You can't afford what you want, and we're not going to pay for it."

Could it be that government prognosticators have looked at the soggy green tea leaves in Obama's cup and concluded that Jimmy Carter's 17.5 percent home mortgages are already "in the pipeline"? (That is what I paid on my first condominium mortgage. "Welcome back from overseas, soldier. And thank you for your service. Care for a peanut?")

To read the rest of the story go to the WND website.

Friday, January 15, 2010

When You Pay Your School Property Taxes......

When you pay your school property taxes does all that money go to the schools? HECK NO!

That money also goes to union dues. What do the unions do with that money? The Education Intelligence Agency recently documented where 30.5 million dollars of people's property taxes went. Here is a sampling......

Democracia USA - $150,000

Democratic GAIN - $10,000

Democratic Leadership Council - $25,000

Working America - $200,000

World Outgames - $5,062

Yes on 1A and 1B - $3 million

Zimbabwe Teachers Association - $10,000

MediaMatters - $100,000

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund - $30,000

NAACP - $55,000

NAACP National Voter Fund - $200,000

National Action Network - $10,000

How do you like 100,000 dollars that should be going to schools going to Media Matters? Your property tax dollars working against you.

For more information as to where the 30.5 million dollars that should be going to your local public schools went, visit the Education Intelligence Agency's website.

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Quote of the Day - "When school children start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of school children." - Albert Shanker, Former President of the American Federation of Teachers

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Restoring the "Presumption of Innocence"

Restoring the "Presumption of Innocence"

HB 1580 would restore the "presumption of innocence" (of educational neglect) for all parents who instruct their children at home.

NH parents are tired of Rep. Rous, Rep. Day and others presuming … without due process … that all parents are irresponsible.

On its face their presumption is illogical... as well as unconstitutional. A child wouldn't fall for their line: "Please be responsible, but don't ever expect us to treat you as such."

It's primarily the parent's duty to instruct his child, not the State's.

The hearing is next Thursday at 1:00 p.m. in the Legislative Office Building in Room 205 and 207, unless of course we fill that room to overflowing and have to move the hearing to Representative's Hall. Please SUPPORT HB 1580 and bring a friend.

Public Hearing: 1/21/2010 1:00 P.M. LOB 205-207

HB 1580 would remove all regulation from home education and prevent attacks like HB 368. It would eliminate annual testing and portfolio reviews as well as eliminate termination procedures from law.

For more information go to New Hampshire Parents First website.

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HB 368 ITL'd

Homeschoolers have been fighting the oppressive HB 368 for almost a year. Yesterday the bill was finally ITL'd. We know the battle will not end but we will keep fighting for our freedom.

Thank you to the 324 representatives who voted to ITL HB 368. The 34 representatives who voted nay must be replaced.

Check out this video up on You Tube.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Congratulations to Croydon's own Steve Cunningham

Congratulations to Croydon's own Steve Cunningham

We look forward to Steve supporting legislation that cuts taxes and increases personal freedom.

"Cunningham, a Republican from Croydon, received 616 votes to 314 votes garnered by Jillette, a Democrat from Goshen." Results posted on the Union Leader.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Tomorrow is the Special Election

Please be sure to get out and vote on January 12th.