Monday, December 31, 2007

Addition to our family.

Our son was born July 6th and has kept us busy the past six weeks along with the care of our three year old daughter. We hope to resume posting on a regular basis as time permits.

Citizens for Reasonable And Fair Taxes (CRAFT) was a group that we started in December 2002 to fight the spending problem in our schools in Illinois. CRAFT quickly grow to over 600 supporters and active members. CRAFT eventually networked many groups statewide to fight for education reform and education spending reform.

When we moved to New Hampshire we decided to start a group here in Croydon and for people residing within SAU 43. We are looking for individuals to join our efforts. People can do as little as being a recipient of our emails and spreading that information to friends and neighbors to becoming active in helping us reduce our tax rates by encouraging reduced spending in our schools at the same time encouraging improved educational results in both Croydon and SAU 43.

Please email us if you would like to become involved in controlling the spending therefore our tax rates within our school district and improving the quality of education our students receive. There is no cost involved in joining our efforts.

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