Friday, March 19, 2010

Will Passage of the Healthcare Bill lead to Outlawing Homeschooling?

I think so. As long as progressives control the House, Senate and Presidency homeschooling is at a threat of being outlawed in the US. Many Countries are following the UN's dictate and are outlawing homeschooling.

The following piece appeared on One News

Quote of the Day - "If it’s wrong—and it is—for the government to intrude into the churches of our nation, to reshape and affect their basic doctrine and teaching, then it is just as wrong for that same government to be the sponsor of the worldview and values of 90 percent of all our nation’s children." - Joel Belz, publisher, World Magazine, October 9, 2004

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The effect of healthcare reform on home schooling
Bill Bumpas - OneNewsNow - 3/19/2010 4:45:00 AM
A national home school group is concerned that passage of the healthcare reform bill could pose a serious threat to parental rights and home school freedom.

According to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), the pending healthcare legislation would provide federal grants to fund state home visitation programs. Attorney Will Estrada with HSLDA reports that states receive grants through a competitive system where preferences are given to states that have increased the number of families who are receiving services.

"So there could be some pressure on the states, because they want to receive this federal money, to look for families who are receiving these services, and then try to pressure them to get these services," Estrada warns.

He notes that the program in the bill is voluntary, but a foundation being laid reveals that the government thinks it knows how best to raise children.

"Once you start down that road, the next step could be, 'Oh, you don't want to take these federally funded services? Why is that? Is there any abuse going on? Should we be investigating your family?' And what could start out as a fairly good program for some families could basically become, 'If you don't receive these services, you're considered at risk' -- and you sort of go under the microscope," the attorney explains.

The HSLDA believes the federal government has no constitutional authority to fund and oversee home visitation programs and parenting classes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

1580 ITL'd

HB 1580 was ITL'd 175 to 144. There are 175 representatives who must be dethroned in November.

"Death of one man is a tragedy. Death of a million is a statistic." Attributed to Stalin

"The failure to educate one homeschooler is a tragedy. The failure to educate tens of thousands of public schooled students is a statistic." - Any one of the 175 legislators who presume homeschoolers are guilty until proven innocent. More likely attributed to Representatives Kimberley Casey and Comrade Rous (okay not really but based on their actions it sure seems that way.)

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rally for Homeschooling


We need every home schooler to help protect and reclaim our homeschooling freedom by rallying together at the State House. A huge turnout is needed!

Rep. Paul Ingbretson (sponsor) is prepared to fight on the House floor to defend our liberty. There are many Democrats and Republicans that have also committed themselves to speak in support of our liberty. Home schoolers need to be at the State House to demonstrate our support for these wonderful representatives and our commitment to freedom!

Home schoolers need to arrive at 1:00 pm to greet our representatives on their way TO THE DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN CAUCUS at 1:15 pm BEFORE THEY GO into Representatives Hall for their 2:00 pm House session, reminding them to SUPPORT HOMESCHOOLING FREEDOM. For those who can stick around after all the representatives have been seated, probably around 2:15 pm since our representatives are not always very prompt getting to their seats, they can watch from the balcony to listen to the debate. HB 1580 is the 10th bill on the House Calendar for the day.

It is extremely important to email your representatives in advance and then bring a half dozen friends with you to the State House to remind our representatives of this important bill.

Read the note below from Rep. Pratt (r) in Goffstown. "A huge turnout" in the State House on Wednesday is needed!

i would like to thank everyone for their hard work in support for HB 1580. Hopefully we will all enjoy a favorable outcome for our efforts on Wednesday!


I second Rep. Kurk's request. An impressive turn-out of homeschool supporters will go a long way toward getting fence sitting reps to vote for the people who bother to show up. Likewise a lack of support sends the opposite message. You should promote the message vigorously that a huge turnout is needed on Wednesday afternoon.

IMHO, Rep. Cal Pratt

Quote of the Day - Aldous Huxley, English writer (1894-1963): A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers ... The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. – forward to Brave New World, 1946 edition

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Turning Over Parental Responsibility to the Community

At the Town Hall meeting I was very disappointed that so many people are willing to turn over their parental responsibility to the community (taxpayers) and to the government. Matt Wittasek proposed a 5000 dollar amendment to the budget so the children can go on field trips and ice skating, etc. The line that every one fell for is it is only going to cost a few dollars. This is on top of the thousands of dollars we already pay to support a system with mediocre results at best. Well if it is only going to cost a few dollars why don't the parents at the beginning of each year pay a 50 dollar field trip fee or have the PTO raise the money? But as my readers know PTO's have been hijacked by the unions and the teachers so their needs are served over the children's needs.

Shame on those people who neglect their parental duties. Who knew there was so many people in Croydon who followed the Communist Manifesto.

Friedrich Engels, who in is 1847 draft of the Manifesto called "Principles of Communism" wrote as one of its tenets:
"Education of all children, from the moment they can leave their mother's care, in national establishments at national cost."
You can find many copies of this draft on the web.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

The National Grange - Grassroots Organization Really? Maybe at one time.

At Saturday's Town Hall member a member of the National Grange was present. I am sorry I forgot his name but I am sure he is a lovely man. Although the National Grange may have good intentions from what I read it appears to be part lobbying group for corporate farmers and part an extension of the Democratic Party. Many of the agenda items are progressive in nature and in line with the Democratic party. I would hardly describe the group as non-partisan.

I found it rather funny that the gentleman was reading a Trace Adkins book I do not recall if it was A Personal Stand. Trace Adkin's agenda and the National Grange Agenda are polar opposites. That is not to be said that you won't catch me with a Michael Moore or some other left wing books because you must be aware of your opponents actions and thoughts in order to defeat your opponents.

I suggest reading their recent headlines and decide if this is an organization that works to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and an organization that encourages personal responsibility or is it a group that pushes for an over reliance on the government? There were a few good agenda items but many seemed inline with the Democratic Party, Progressive agenda and Big Government.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Artificial Stupidity you Bet!

It is funny this article came to my attention after yesterday's town meeting. There is no doubt in my mind that those who put forth the 5000 dollar amendment and supported the amendment and budget would probably sign a petition to ban dihydroxymonoxide. After last year's budget savings the educrats and their mindless supporters packed the Town Hall yesterday to ensure the tax and spend crowd would dominate the meeting. Costs are going up 23% and surely there was not a 23% increase in student to performance.

What I found most appalling is the reckless way the tax and spend crowd is willing to spend other people's extremely hard earned money but are so unwilling to donate funds that are beyond the basic educational needs. The entitlement mentally of this group is appalling in my book.

The following piece appeared in the Washington Examiner.

Oh and kudos to our Selectman for keeping town spending in check. I could only imagine if the selectmen had as much control over school spending as they do city spending, educational costs would be much lower and student performance would greatly improve.

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"Forcing one person to bear the burden of educational costs for another is not only a moral question but a major threat to personal liberty. " -- Cathy Peschke, Mom, Tax Fighter and Education Reformist

“One of the consequences of such notions as "entitlements" is that people who have contributed nothing to society feel that society owes them something, apparently just for being nice enough to grace us with their presence.”
Thomas Sowell

“The assumption that spending more of the taxpayer's money will make things better has survived all kinds of evidence that it has made things worse. The black family- which survived slavery, discrimination, poverty, wars and depressions- began to come apart as the federal government moved in with its well-financed programs to "help."
Thomas Sowell

Having someone else pay for your child's education virtually guarantees inflated educational costs. . Nothing would lower costs more quickly than having parents pay for their own children's education. And nothing is less likely to happen." Cathy Peschke a twist to one of Thomas Sowell's quotes

Thomas Sowell: Artificial stupidity
Examiner Columnist
March 8, 2010
A woman with a petition went among the crowds attending a state fair, asking people to sign her petition demanding the banning of dihydroxymonoxide. She said it was in our lakes and streams, and now it was in our sweat and urine and tears.

She collected hundreds of signatures to ban dihydroxymonoxide — a fancy chemical name for water. A couple of comedians were behind this ploy. But there is nothing funny about its implications. It is one of the grim and dangerous signs of our times.

This little episode revealed how conditioned we have become, responding like Pavlov's dog when we hear a certain sound— in this case, the sound of some politically correct crusade.

People are all born ignorant but they are not born stupid. Much of the stupidity we see today is induced by our educational system, from the elementary schools to the universities. In a high-tech age that has seen the creation of artificial intelligence by computers, we are also seeing the creation of artificial stupidity by people who call themselves educators.

Educational institutions created to pass on to the next generation the knowledge, experience and culture of the generations that went before them have instead been turned into indoctrination centers to promote whatever notions, fashions or ideologies happen to be in vogue among today's intelligentsia.

Many conservatives have protested against the specifics of the things with which students are being indoctrinated. But that is not where the most lasting harm is done. Many, if not most, of the leading conservatives of our times were on the left in their youth. These have included Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan and the whole neoconservative movement.

The experiences of life can help people outgrow whatever they were indoctrinated with. What may persist, however, is the lazy habit of hearing one side of an issue and being galvanized into action without hearing the other side— and, more fundamentally, not having developed any mental skills that would enable you to systematically test one set of beliefs against another.

It was once the proud declaration of many educators that "We are here to teach you how to think, not what to think." But far too many of our teachers and professors today are teaching their students what to think, about everything from global warming to the new trinity of "race, class and gender."

Even if all the conclusions with which they indoctrinate their students were 100 percent correct, that would still not be equipping students with the mental skills to weigh opposing views for themselves, in order to be prepared for new and unforeseeable issues that will arise over their lifetimes, after they leave the schools and colleges.

Many of today's "educators" not only supply students with conclusions, they promote the idea that students should spring into action because of these prepackaged conclusions— in other words, vent their feelings and go galloping off on crusades, without either a knowledge of what is said by those on the other side or the intellectual discipline to know how to analyze opposing arguments.

When we see children in elementary schools out carrying signs in demonstrations, we are seeing the kind of mindless groupthink that causes adults to sign petitions they don't understand or— worse yet— follow leaders they don't understand, whether to the White House, the Kremlin or Jonestown.

A philosopher once said that the most important knowledge is knowledge of one's own ignorance. That is the knowledge that too many of our schools and colleges are failing to teach our young people.

It takes a certain amount of knowledge just to understand the extent of one's own ignorance. But our "educators" have given assignments to children who are not yet a decade old to write letters to members of Congress, or to Presidents, spouting off on issues ranging from nuclear weapons to medical care.

Will Rogers once said that it was not ignorance that was so bad but "all the things we know that ain't so." But our classroom indoctrinators are getting students to think that they know after hearing only one side of an issue. It is artificial stupidity.

Examiner Columnist Thomas Sowell is nationally syndicated by Creators Syndicate.