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PTA's and PTO's hijacked by the teachers' unions.

Teachers, teacher unions and school administrators do not want what is best for parents and their children they want what is best for their agendas and themselves.

The following is a series of must read snippets of articles and links to the stories for parents and those truly interested in education reform.

The first site is by Michael Hodges. His site is rather inclusive and is a one stop site with a plethora of information for parents. Below is a taste of some of the information you will find on his site.

Unions - monopoly control with zero interest in education quality - should be abolished - by former union employee.
Demise of the PTA - 75% drop
Actions - downsize and decentralize, and privatize where possible
Sand-bagging Reform Tactics - used by organizations in attempt to 'sandbag' a test project.
Public schools no place for teachers' kids - 25% send their kids to private schools

Education Quality-to-spending Productivity Index dropped since teachers unionized in 1962

Additionally, we have seen that the education quality to cost productivity index started dropping some time after 1960. Consider this: "Since 1962, when teachers were first allowed to unionize, the public school system has been a system that benefits and answers to the producers of education, not to the consumers. 88% of America's schools are government schools, and 75% of the teachers are union members." John Fund, Editorial Board Wall Street Journal, May 1998 Imprimis volume 27, #5. And, as the president of the American Federation of Teachers recently said: "I will begin to care about the quality of children's education in this country when they start paying union dues." Al Shanker, union president.

To view more of this story go to Grandfather Education Report. To view Michael Hodges main education page go to Grandfather Education Report summary page. This link is extremely important for any parent or grandparent that truly cares about education. Please make an effort to share it with all your friends and neighbors.

This second site is called INTRODUCTION TO: THE TEACHER UNIONS by Myron Lieberman.

The National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO (AFT) are the nation's largest teacher unions. These unions are the major components of "the education establishment," and they play an extremely influential role, not just in education but in politics and the economy as well.

To read the rest of the story go to INTRODUCTION TO: THE TEACHER UNIONS by Myron Lieberman.

The third site is how The PTA Plays Hooky from Educational Reform on the Hoover Institution's website.

Teachers-union influence. National PTA policies, which often are automatically adopted as state and local PTA policies, reflect the dominant influence of the teachers unions, especially the National Education Association (NEA).
Of these factors, by far the most important is the last. Parents and teachers in the PTA both claim to share the same goal: promoting the educational welfare of children. But the PTA's governance structure, in which unionized teachers play a major role, is fatally flawed. Fundamentally, parents and their children are the consumers of education; teachers are part of the producer complex. Elevating the interests of the producers above the interests of the consumers is a formula for irrelevance. In the last 12 months, I have attended two national PTA meetings and five state conventions, and I cannot recall a single instance in which any policy contrary to the interests of teachers unions was given a proper hearing.

To read more go to the Hoover Institution's website.

The following is a chart from Michael Hodges website Grandfather Education Report

Quote of the Day - "Providing services to children at the expense of impoverishing their parents and grandparents is NOT "caring", it is selfish." - Jim Peschke - Parent and Co-founder of Citizen's for Reasonable And Fair Taxes.

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