Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Government is Changing!

Our Government is Changing - Whether you think the change is good or bad questions must be asked. Ask your Legislators, our President, your friends, your neighbors and yourself these questions and than seek out answers to these questions.

- Can we survive this debt? If yes, how?

- Why the rush on health care reform, cap-and-trade?

- Who is writing these bills?

- Will Washington read and understand the bills?

- Why are you called "grassroots" if you are for, but "Astroturf" if you are against?

- Our unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is close to $100 trillion. Is there any way to pay for these programs without bankrupting America?

- We are in so much debt, why spend more borrowed money on cap-and-trade and health care programs before we stop the flow of red ink?

- The stimulus package funneled billions of dollars to ACORN: How does giving billions of dollars to ACORN stimulate the economy?

- If it was so important for Congress to pass the stimulus bill before they even had time to read it, why has only a fraction of the stimulus money been spent six months later?

- Former President Bush said he had to abandon free market principles in order to save them; how exactly does that work?

- Why won’t member of Congress read the bills before they vote on them?

- Why are citizens mocked and laughed at when they ask their congressman to read the bills before they vote on them?

- Was the "cash for clunkers" program meant to save the Earth or the economy? Did it accomplish either?

- How did Van Jones, a self-proclaimed communist, become a special adviser to the president?

- Did President Obama know of Van Jones’ radical political beliefs when he named him special adviser?

- The Apollo Alliance claimed credit for writing the stimulus bill; why was this group allowed to write any portion of this bill?

- If politicians aren’t writing the bills and aren’t reading the bills, do they have any idea what these 1,000-page plus bills actually impose on the American people?

- If the "public option" health care plan is so good, why won’t politicians agree to have that as their plan?

- If town hall meetings are intended for the politicians to learn what’s on our mind, why do they spend so much time talking instead of listening?

- Politicians are refusing to attend town hall meetings complaining, without evidence, that they are scripted. Does that mean we shouldn’t come out and vote for you since every campaign stop, baby kiss and speech you give is scripted?

- Why would you want to overwhelm the system?

- Is using the economic crises to rush legislation through Congress what Rahm Emanuel meant when he talked about not letting a crisis go to waste?

- What are the president's "czars" paid? What is the budget for their staffs/offices?

Too many people in our government in both the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch are praising Fidel Castro's Revolution. There will be a Revolution in the U.S. but will the winners be those who want to protect and restore the Constitution and our Republic or those who want to makes us into a Quasi Communist/Fascist Country and part of the One World Government?

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I found the picture at the Jane Q. Republilcan website.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Articles of Interest for Friday and Points to Ponder

These two people are the reasons why I am fighting so hard to restore the freedoms and principles on which this Country was founded.

What is up with not letting the people vote for or against a tax cap? Let the people decide.

What is happening to freedom of religion? In New Hampshire none the less.

Civil defense force? Why? Please watch if you can't because you have dial-up visit a friends house or go to the library.

The Liberal Fear of Guns!
What people should fear is the loss of the right to bear arms. Will it happen under this Administration? When will people wake up to the horrors that may be facing America?

Want to follow the money?

A comic from the Politico Mafioso.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Random Thoughts for Thursday also Articles and Videos of Interest

"I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents." -James Madison

"The application of collective guilt, running from one generation to another, is a dangerous doctrine which would leave few modern nations unscathed." - Margaret Thatcher

First a correction to yesterday's post. It is always important to get correct information out there this is why I always say trust but verify. Yesterday I posted a link that said 33 advertisers pulled their ads from talk radio according to Color of Change which has been linked to the White House, it looks like only 11 have pulled their ads. As I said before trust but verify whether it be from me the right or the left.

4000 inmates to date have received stimulus checks from the taxpayers. Are you okay with that, are you okay with your children and grandchildren having to work to pay this money back as adults?

"Obamacare bails out union pensions too," are you really okay with that? Union bosses mismanage their funds and the next few generations have to pay it back. Talk about rewarding incompetence and corruption.

Growing Poverty and Despair, today's policies are creating more poverty and despair not less. Since 1964 we have been fighting the war on Poverty and we are losing.

Unemployment is rising as well and as President Obama said a few days ago it is going to get a lot worse. Here is a look at the real numbers. Breitbart also iw reporting real unemployment at 16%, is this the change you wanted?

Voter intimidation case dropped, yep you read it right and it is the Black Panthers. Will we see more of this in 2010? Whether it comes from the right or the left voter intimidation is just plain wrong. "Why did the Justice Department dismiss such a clear case of voter intimidation?"

Glenn Beck is investigating Obama's Czars, his policies and his connections. Please view and share with as many people as you can, please. Who is Czar Van Jones, What is the Apollo Alliance? You can also view more of the videos at Patriots

Still not sure how we are going to educate Anastasia when the time comes but we have a year to decide. This article by Nancy Levant appears to make our choice simple.

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Great News Articles and Random Thoughts for Wednesday

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Thomas Jefferson. While Americans were sleeping, America has changed.

A small segment of the population is waking up to what hope and change is to our Country. Many will find the more they learn that this is not the change they expected.

Whether you are fan of talk radio or not, you should realize our current Administration and certain people are trying to stop free speech for people who disagree with this administration. This link will take you to The Conservative Please consider contacting the advertisers and tell them you will no longer patronize their business because of their stand against free speech.

Does anyone really know who Van Jones is, does anyone care. You better care!

What tactics are being used against America and who is the enemy?

More on censorship, this time it is the Democrats censoring Republican mail. If the Republicans had done the same to the Democrats the ACLU, ABC, NBC, CBS and many newspapers would be all over it.

A little Economics lesson if you did not know this already inflation breeds more inflation.

Democratic Congressmen are saying healthcare legislation is bad for America. For those of you with high speed internet Bill O'Reilly says healthcare unconstitutional.

Defending the NH Advantage Pork Roast
Rochester Fair Grounds
August 29, 2009
11am - 3pm
For $10/$25 family tickets
(tickets can be held at door for pick up)
For More Information go to the NH Advantage website.


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I think this picture speaks volumes. How about you?

The picture states so much about the ignorance and the state of mind of some people in America today.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

If you knew there was going to be a run on the banks what would you do?

Warren Buffett believes our Country could become a Banana Republic. Mish believes that there is a backlog of foreclosures this will have a further impact on the economy. Bill Sardi believes we are just a day away from Economic Chaos. Unemployment edges up to levels of those during the Great Depression.

Bernkanke believes we are at the bottom of the crisis; he, the administration and others are wrong. We are far from the bottom of the current crisis . Unemployment will continue to rise and further societal problems will occur in the not to distant future. Things must turn around in 2010 and Obama must not be re-elected in 2012 if we are to save our Country. Even with a turn around in 2010 and 2012 we have to dig ourselves out of this mess.

The question of the day is do you think we are in recovery or do you think we have yet to hit bottom? If we have yet to hit bottom what are you doing to protect your family and prepare for a further downturn in the economy?

Quote of the Day - "There is simply no comparison between Obama and Bush. Heck, there is no comparison between Obama and any other president in US history. You have to be intellectually dishonest to blame Bush for "rampant uncontrolled spending" while praising Obama for responsible spending." Randall Hoven

The above quote comes from a great article in the American Thinker titled Cognitive Dissonance: A Case Study. The article as well as my links in todays post are must reads and musts shares.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recess Rallies Across the Country Saturday

Alexander was sick on Thursday and I have not been on top of up coming protests and rallies as I should be. The American Liberty Alliance set up Recess Rallies across America. The Recess Rallies "are a symbolic statement from We The People for those who we elect to REPRESENT us." Jim, the children and I attended a rally in Manchester on Saturday. Sorry I did not post a notice about the Rally before the event.

The follow story about the rallies appears in the Washington Post.

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Tea Party Protest Organizers Target Health-Care Reform
By Kimberly Kindy
The organizers who brought the Tax Day Tea Party to cities around the nation this spring recruited thousands of protesters Saturday afternoon to anti-health care reform rallies staged in front of at least 100 Congressional district offices.

Attendance was spotty, but at some sites, hundreds of protesters marched for hours waving American flags, holding signs that said "Don't Stick Me With Your Health Care" and sending live Twitter feeds from their locations.

The event, called the National Recess Rally, was meant to counter efforts at town hall meetings held by members of Congress and by President Obama where lawmakers have tried to generate support for the reform during the summer recess.

"People just want government to stay out of their health care," said Eric Odom, executive director of American Liberty Alliance, one the groups that organized Saturday's rallies. "It was very little about the cost and more about government intrusion."

At many protest sites Saturday only a handful of people showed up or no one was in attendance, including the selected locations closest to the White House and the Capitol: The National Press Club and the district office for Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-Washington DC) on Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

The largest crowds were in Obama's home state of Illinois, where organizers reported more than 1,000 people collectively showed up at two protest sites.

American Liberty Alliance is urging those opposed to health-care reform proposals -- particularly ones that offer a public option -- to send e-mail and letters to Republican senators over the next two weeks, asking them to vow to stop any government-lead efforts to change health care when they return from their summer break.

To read the rest of the story and about the counter protests visit the Washington Post.