Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great News Articles and Random Thoughts for Wednesday

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Thomas Jefferson. While Americans were sleeping, America has changed.

A small segment of the population is waking up to what hope and change is to our Country. Many will find the more they learn that this is not the change they expected.

Whether you are fan of talk radio or not, you should realize our current Administration and certain people are trying to stop free speech for people who disagree with this administration. This link will take you to The Conservative Please consider contacting the advertisers and tell them you will no longer patronize their business because of their stand against free speech.

Does anyone really know who Van Jones is, does anyone care. You better care!

What tactics are being used against America and who is the enemy?

More on censorship, this time it is the Democrats censoring Republican mail. If the Republicans had done the same to the Democrats the ACLU, ABC, NBC, CBS and many newspapers would be all over it.

A little Economics lesson if you did not know this already inflation breeds more inflation.

Democratic Congressmen are saying healthcare legislation is bad for America. For those of you with high speed internet Bill O'Reilly says healthcare unconstitutional.

Defending the NH Advantage Pork Roast
Rochester Fair Grounds
August 29, 2009
11am - 3pm
For $10/$25 family tickets
(tickets can be held at door for pick up)
For More Information go to the NH Advantage website.


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