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Schools Don't Educate they Indoctrinate

Case in point.   The following article appears in full at the


Hitler Didn’t Outlaw Unions – As a National Socialist, He Went Double-Down On Them

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Time and time again, the collectivist left in America chooses hyperbole when championing their economy-killing objectives. Most recently, as in the case of the socialist union (yes, they were created by socialists and Marxists)  protests in Wisconsin, you see many signs being wielded by the neo-Marxist rubes stating, “Hitler banned unions”. The purpose of this urban legend-styled disinformation, of course, is a weak attempt to paint Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as a Nazi, even though the Nazi’s were national socialists who subscribed to most of the tenets of modern American leftists.
What are the roots of this “Hitler banned unions” urban legend? We have to understand what was going on in Germany at the time. Any economist will tell you, prior to Hitler’s rise to power, that the Weimar Republic struggled under severe hyperinflation. The Weimar’s hyperinflation is required study for every college student wishing to become an economist. What is hyperinflation? Webster’s defines inflation as, “a continuing rise in the general price level usually attributed to an increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods and services”, and defines hyperinflation as, “inflation growing at a very high rate in a very short time”.
When Hitler came to power, he moved to correct this hyperinflation while keeping his national socialist views front and center. In 1933, the Nazis disbanded the Weimar unions and replaced them with the new and improved union, the German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF), which was comprised of 2 primary entities, the National Socialist Factory Organization and the National Socialist Trade and Industry Organization. The labor contracts that were Weimar contracts were now DAF-honored contracts. The Nazi’s funded the DAF’s coffers with the Weimar unions’ stockpile of wealth (the existing unions were part of that inflation problem). One of the new unions’ most popular programs was the Strength through Joy (Kraft durch Freude, KdF)) program, which developed the KdF-wagen, that later became the Volkswagen, or People’s Car.
The primary goal of Germany’s national socialists was to “create a classless” society. Hitler’s unions were central in this cause. In fact, Hitler gave the unions their long-awaited demand, one that the Weimar unions were never able to pull off, a National Labor Day, May 1, 1933.
“Bless now our fight for our freedom; the fight we wage for our German people and Fatherland.”  – Adolf Hitler’s speech, May Day 1933
The Nazi unions even had this nifty little logo.
And here’s Hitler’s own words from his book, Mein Kampf:
I think that I have already answered the first question adequately. In the present state of affairs I am convinced that we cannot possibly dispense with the trades unions. On the contrary, they are among the most important institutions in the economic life of the nation. Not only are they important in the sphere of social policy but also, and even more so, in the national political sphere. For when the great masses of a nation see their vital needs satisfied through a just trade unionist movement the stamina of the whole nation in its struggle for existence will be enormously reinforced thereby.
Before everything else, the trades unions are necessary as building stones for the future economic parliament, which will be made up of chambers representing the various professions and occupations.
Yet another leftist urban myth busted!

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Best Preschool - Newport Montessori School

What glorious news for the students of Croydon who are taking advantage of the choice program.

"Congratulations Newport Montessori School! We have been named by Kearsarge Magazine the Best Preschool First Runner Up AND Best Private School Runner Up for 2015! Thank you to all who voted to support our school and to all those who work so very hard yet make it seem effortless. We are humbled and proud!"


Reason for Litchfield superintendent's departure remains unclear | New Hampshire

Reason for Litchfield superintendent's departure remains unclear | New Hampshire

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Annual Plea

In about a month government schools will be opening again. I am making my annual plea for my friends who are parents to consider homeschooling or sending your children to a private school with sound educational methods. If you are a grandparent perhaps you can encourage your child to home educate your grandchildren. I know it is not a possibility for all, if your government school is teaching your child whole language or new math, please be sure to properly educate your child in the evening or on the weekends. If you are a parent and you love your children, if you are a teacher and you care about the education and not indoctrination of children or if you are a school board member who cares about the children and not protecting a failing institution I implore you to read Crimes of our Educators: How Utopians are Using Government Schools to Destroy America's Children.  Many public school teachers are small "c" communists and union members. Your children deserve better. Please take the time to read the page I posted below to understand new math and common core math.


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Ideas to Chew On

As fall approaches ask yourself if you are doing what is best for your children.  With a little sacrifice can you be doing better to feed your children's minds, hearts, and soul.   Look up the above people and quotes, look up the words you don't know, look up statistics, study your local school report cards.  Is your school failing to educate the children, are they graduating children who are functionally illiterate?  Is your child being put on medicines he or she really does not need?  Are you insuring that your children are getting the best education possible. 


Former Utah teacher Brianne Altice - Sentenced to up to 30 Years

The following piece appears in full on The Salt Lake visit said page to read the full story.   Every day you can read stories of teachers sexually abusing students or harming students in other ways.  When will teachers who hold the group think mentality being a part of unions have the unions address the major issue and start to decry this problem in our public schools.  

Former Utah teacher Brianne Altice sentenced to prison for sexual contact with students

First Published Jul 09 2015 08:39AM   

Farmington • The mother of one of the three teenage boys who had sexual encounters with former Davis High School teacher Brianne Altice lamented that society often applies a double standard when a female teacher has sex with male students — and the boys are not seen as victims.

But she emphasized at Altice's sentencing hearing on Thursday that her son and the other two boys were victimized when Altice had inappropriate relationships with them. They have been damaged, she said, psychologically and emotionally.

"I can tell you, unequivocally, that these boys are victims," the tearful woman said in 2nd District Court. "They will be affected by this unlawful relationship throughout their lives."
The woman, who was not identified in court to protect her son's identity, said she wanted to tell Altice, "mother-to-mother," that the former English teacher has hurt her son and the other boys in ways that she will never know.

The woman added that she is "heartbroken" that Altice's criminal decisions will affect the defendant's own children.

"It is unfair and it is unfortunate, but we can not help wondering how much she was thinking about her children when she chose to engage sexually with ours," the woman said.
Judge Thomas Kay sentenced 36-year-old Altice to prison for up to 30 years for her crimes.

To read the rest of the story click here.