Saturday, January 29, 2011

Could Homeschooling Freedom Become a Reality?

New Hampshire Homeschoolers and future New Hampshire Homeschoolers, homeschooling freedom could become a reality in New Hampshire, please contact your Representatives and Senators and ask them to support House Bill - 595. HB595- amending the compulsory school attendance statutes to permit parent-directed instruction programs and repealing the home education statutes. Sponsors:(Prime)Laura Jones , Andrew Manuse, Seth Cohn, Raymond White, James Forsythe, Jim Luther, Alfred Baldasaro, Carol Vita, Harry Accornero, Kevin Avard, Stephen Palmer, Tyler Simpson.

Also contact the House Education Committee and ask them to support HB 595.

For more information visit the New Hampshire Families for Education website.

Quote of the Day - "Educate the child according to his way, even when he grows old he will not abandon it." Proverbs 22:6

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Really this is a Big Deal?

If this is a shocker to you, you are not paying attention. The million dollar Stupidintendent retirement package is not that uncommon, it is happening all across the United States.

Quote of the Day -"It's for the kids!"

The following story appeared on

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Wayne superintendent's $1M retirement package creates storm

In 2007, the Wayne Township School Board and then-Superintendent Terry Thompson agreed to a renegotiated contract that provided a generous retirement package for whenever Thompson decided to step down.

But it wasn't until this month that board members realized just how lucrative that deal was, to the tune of more than $1 million.

Thompson, 64, who retired in December after 15 years with the district, already has received more than $800,000 of his retirement deal, which included a year's base pay at more than $225,000, as well as contract provisions that kicked in hundreds of thousands more.

But that's not all.

The contract also created the position of superintendent emeritus -- a position that has been paying Thompson $1,352 a day since his retirement to advise his successor, among other duties. That amount, over the 150 days laid out in the contract, would pay him more than $200,000 -- bringing the total to more than $1 million.

In addition, the contract called for one other perk -- a onetime $15,000 stipend for "retirement planning."

On Thursday, the board issued a statement asking Thompson to resign from the superintendent emeritus position, but it's unclear whether the board can force him to do so -- or reclaim any of the money in the contract.

"It's just a terribly difficult time because Terry Thompson did terrifically wonderful things for Wayne Township," said board member Shirley Deckard, who was not on the board in 2007.

Five of her colleagues, however, were on the board at the time. They either were not able to be reached for comment Thursday or deferred comment to the district spokeswoman.

Thompson did not return calls made to his home Thursday.

A call placed to Jon Bailey -- the school district's attorney at the time the contract was renegotiated -- was met with a recording that his voice mailbox was full.

Mary McDermott-Lang, the district's spokeswoman, said board members signed off on the provisions of the contract when it was reopened at Thompson's request in 2007. But she said they did so without full knowledge of the information tucked into lengthy documents that she said Thompson asked them to approve at several different meetings.

Visit the website to view the rest of the story.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Perfect Example as to Why we Need School Choice

Mom jailed for sending children to a better school. The following piece appeared on Visit the ABCNews.go website to view the video associated with the story.

Quote of the Day " Don't wait for the perfect moment to break free -- there isn't any. Don't let officials, relatives or anyone else intimidate you into sacrificing your children. If you want to help public schools, give them your money, give them your time, give them your house and your car -- but don't give them your kids. There's a world of support out there for home schoolers. If you can't home school, find a decent private school and sacrifice for your kids' education like you would for that fancy car you want or that vacation or entertainment center or big house. Whatever you'd sacrifice for the thing you most want in life, sacrifice ten times as much for your children." Tammy Drennan, Alliance for the Separation of School and State senior writer

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Ohio Mom Kelley Williams-Bolar Jailed for Sending Kids to Better School District
Judge Sentenced Mother Convicted of Falsifying Residency Records to 10 Days in Jail

Jan. 26, 2011

An Ohio mother's attempt to provide her daughters with a better education has landed her behind bars.

Kelley Williams-Bolar was convicted of lying about her residency to get her daughters into a better school district.

"It's overwhelming. I'm exhausted," she said. "I did this for them, so there it is. I did this for them."

Williams-Bolar decided four years ago to send her daughters to a highly ranked school in neighboring Copley-Fairlawn School District.

But it wasn't her Akron district of residence, so her children were ineligible to attend school there, even though her father lived within the district's boundaries.

The school district accused Williams-Bolar of lying about her address, falsifying records and, when confronted, having her father file false court papers to get around the system.

Williams-Bolar said she did it to keep her children safe and that she lived part-time with her dad.

"When my home got broken into, I felt it was my duty to do something else," Williams-Bolar said.

While her children are no longer attending schools in the Copley-Fairlawn District, school officials said she was cheating because her daughters received a quality education without paying taxes to fund it.

"Those dollars need to stay home with our students," school district officials said.

Sentence Intended as Deterrent

The district hired a private investigator, who shot video showing Williams-Bolar driving her children into the district.

The school officials asked her to pay $30,000 in back tuition.

Williams-Bolar refused and was indicted and convicted of falsifying her residency records.

She was sentenced last week to 10 days in county jail and put on three years of probation.

She will also be required to perform community service, the Beacon Journal reported.

Williams-Bolar said she was being singled out.

"I don't think they wanted money ? ," Williams-Bolar said. "They wanted me to be an example."

Presiding Judge Patricia Cosgrove acknowledged as much.

"I felt that some punishment or deterrent was needed for other individuals who might think to defraud the various school districts," Cosgrove said.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School Board Meeting Tonight

Croydon School Board budget meeting tonight.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something you Probably did not Know

Our form of compulsory schooling is an invention of the state of Massachusetts around 1850. It was resisted - sometimes with guns - by an estimated eighty per cent of the Massachusetts population, the last outpost in Barnstable on Cape Cod not surrendering its children until the 1880's when the area was seized by militia and children marched to school under guard. - The Underground History of American Education

American needs school choice not indoctrination.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

School Choice Week

Today is the start of National School Choice week, are you supporting choice for your communities children or are you making them a slave to a failing system?

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Tenure does not belong in the K-12 system.

Quote of the Day - "Frustrated by procedural hoops and the high costs of dismissing a poor teacher, schools sometimes resort to buyouts rather than outright firings. They then try to hide that cost from public view." Scott Reeder The Hidden Cost of Tenure

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