Friday, September 28, 2007

Newport School Information and SAU 43 Information.

Since Croydon schools funnel their children to Newport Schools after grade three it is important that Croydon parents and taxpayers be aware of what is happening in Newport Schools.

As a reminded the Newport School Board meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed by going to the Newport School website. Once there click on School Boards or SAU 43 to access the needed information.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New SAU 43 Organization Commitee Report

On September 27, 2007 there was a presentation at the Newport School Board meeting regarding the reorganization of SAU 43. We have obtained a copy of the presentation and will be glad to send the report on to anyone who requests the report.

The following was gleaned from the meeting: Although SAU 43 loss 51% of it's budget revenues from the withdrawal of Sunapee from the SAU, the SAU has no intention of cutting it's budget or staff by 51%. This maneuver will likely lead to deficit spending or increased taxes through future tax warrants. The report also points out a continual increase in spending despite a continual decrease in the student population.

Croydon's best move would be to also withdrawal from the SAU. Better yet Newport should get rid of the SAU completely. SAUs have not been around that long, at best they are bureaucratic organization that wastes money. There appears to be no reason that the tasks conducted by SAU's can not be conducted on school site with current staffing and administration. Unless of course the purpose is to waste as many tax dollars as possible and keep people feeding off the Big Ed Gravy Train.

Our schools continue to have a spending problem not a funding problem with no increase in student performance.