Tuesday, October 27, 2015

School Choice vs Education Choice

The following piece appears on the Heartland.org. website.
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Heartland Daily Podcast – Lennie Jarratt: School Choice v. Education Choice

In today’s edition of The Heartland Daily Podcast, Lennie Jarratt, project manager for education at the Heartland Institute, joins host Donald Kendal to discuss, among other topics, the difference between school choice and education choice.

Often when discussing school reform, several potential solutions are suggested. Some of these solutions include Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs), Vouchers, Income Tax Credits, Parent Trigger, ect. Linked here is a great resource that serves to detail some of these programs. Jarratt helps to explain how these solutions fit into the bigger picture of creating a school system not dominated by the government.

Jarratt and Kendal also discuss Common Core and how it originated. Jarratt describes why conservatives are skeptical of these national standards and elaborates on how they have the potential to become really dangerous.
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