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What have you found in your child's backpack? Did you ever find poop?

During election season we usually hear from a number of parents who are angry because the school has put literature in their child's backpack asking in so many words for the parents to support a tax warrant or a tax referendum. We have not heard a parent complain about getting poop in a backpack, yet!

I find it funny because after so many years of studying the public education system nothing surprises me. Others may find the following story disturbing.

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The following story appears at WINK

Teacher puts poop in kid's backpack
Story Created: Apr 22, 2009 at 4:28 PM EDT
Story Updated: Apr 22, 2009 at 4:30 PM EDT
YAKIMA, WA (KIMA) - An unexpected surprise in their son's backpack caught some Yakima Washington parents off guard. It was human waste, with a note attached from the boy's teacher. And the school isn't denying that's what happened.

"I'm still kinda in shock over this, because why would somebody do this? It's disgusting," said Jason, the father of the little boy.

It all started on Friday at Apple Valley Elementary, when kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Graham called Jason and told him her classroom was "stinky" and asked if it could possibly be his son.

Jason's son had a couple of accidents in the past. So when the teacher called, he says he told her right away, there was an extra set of clothes in his son's bag. But when the 5-year-old came home, the boy was still wearing his original outfit, and Jason says his son was completely clean.

It wasn't until Jason's wife emptied her son's backpack that they got a big surprise.

"She found a clear plastic baggie with a piece of fecal matter wrapped up in some a brown paper towel with the note on it. ‘This little turd was on the floor in my room’ And that's all it says. Q: Nothing else? A: Nothing else. If it was his did she see him do this? Or did she follow him around to make sure this was his, did she see it drop out? Or just assume it was his because he had an accident a few months ago?"

These are all answers the family doesn't have.

Jason did not receive a call from the school or the teacher.

The superintendent sent an email to say they were looking into it.

But with just a couple months left in this school year, Jason isn't sure he wants his son to stay in her class.

"Not only did she put our kid at risk, it's a health risk, other kids too, you know, on the bus," said Jason.

The West Valley Superintendent says the district's Human Resources Department was speaking with the teacher, Mrs. Graham, and the Apple Valley principal.

That meeting happened Tuesday afternoon, but at this time the principal says they are still looking into the details of what happened, and will talk with the parents further.

Information from Melissa Wagner, KIMA

The above picture appears at Ithacan Online.

What happens when Teachers Unions gives Tens of Millions of Dollars to the Democrats?

The teachers' unions wielding their uncanny power and wealth garnered through reaping taxpayers' dollars have successfully got Obama and the democrats to axe a program that helps poor and underprivileged children. I just wonder how many of these parents voted for the very people who took away their children's voucher program? Now that is change I knew would occur.

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The following portion of a piece appears in the Houston Chronicle.

Obama vows to ax program hated by teachers
By GEORGE F. WILL Washington Post

"The president has set an example for his Cabinet. He has ladled a trillion or so dollars (“or so” is today’s shorthand for “give or take a few hundreds of billions”) hither and yon, but while ladling he has, or thinks he has, saved about $15 million by killing, or trying to kill, a tiny program that this year is enabling about 1,715 District of Columbia children (90 percent black, 9 percent Hispanic) to escape from the district’s failing public schools and enroll in private schools.

The district’s mayor and school superintendent support the program. But the president has vowed to kill programs that “don’t work.” He has looked high and low and — lo and behold — has found one. By uncanny coincidence, it is detested by the teachers unions that gave approximately four times $15 million to Democratic candidates and liberal causes last year.

Not content with seeing the program set to die after the 2009-10 school year, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (former head of Chicago’s school system, which never enrolled an Obama child) gratuitously dashed even the limited hopes of another 200 children and their parents. Duncan, who has sensibly chosen to live with his wife and two children in Virginia rather than the district, rescinded the scholarships already awarded to those children for the final year of the program, beginning in September. He was, you understand, thinking only of the children and their parents: He would spare them the turmoil of being forced by, well, Duncan and other Democrats to return to terrible public schools after a tantalizing one-year taste of something better. Call that compassionate liberalism.

After Congress debated the program, the Department of Education released — on a Friday afternoon, a news cemetery — a congressionally mandated study showing that, measured by student improvement and parental satisfaction, the district’s program works. The department could not suppress the Heritage Foundation’s report that 38 percent of members of Congress sent or are sending their children to private schools.

The Senate voted 58-39 to kill the program. Heritage reports that if the senators who have exercised their ability to choose private schools had voted to continue the program that allows less-privileged parents to make that choice for their children, the program would have been preserved."

To view the rest of the story go to the Houston Chronicle.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aaron Aldridge Ariticle in Valley News

The Valley News had an article that touched more into what Aaron Aldridge did and when. Those interested should pick up a copy at the news stand. My readership is way up and it is because of my posts about Aaron Aldridge. If you read the paper you will find the victims were between the age of 2 and 15. His family will need a lot of support as more information comes out about these alleged crimes, I would hope that if any of my readers are friends of the Aldridge children you support them and not judge them on their father's actions. Don't ask questions about the situation but let them know that you are their friends and you will be their for support.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

George II

When I went to go register Fletcher at Town Hall Charlene told me someone was giving away a Dachshund. I just had to get a brother for Fletcher. I could not resist naming him George after my beloved George who we lost about two weeks ago.


Aaron Aldridge Arrested

Aaron Aldridge arrested in California full story appears in the Union Leader.


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

1 Million People Attend Tea Parties

Why I attended the Tea Party and observations of the Tea Parties friends and I attended.

The Tea Party for many others and myself was about more than just taxes. I oppose progressive taxes. I attended because I oppose excessive government spending, I believe that the government should not carry debt or deficit spend. I believe in personal responsibility. I oppose fascism the merger of government and corporate powers, which began under the Bush Administration. I oppose universal healthcare. I believe in States rights. I attended because I believe we are losing our right to free speech and our right to criticize our government especially if you oppose the current administration. I believe we are on the verge of tyranny.

Democrats and people making under 250,000 dollars were present in large numbers. Atheists and Agnostics also attended the tea parties. The Tea Parties were attended by people of all races.

If you looked at the signs of people attending you would see that they carried many messages. This was individuals expressing their thoughts on the current administration this was not a one message protest. To state that as so, is just ignorance on the part of those who opposed the Tea Parties.

The following piece appears at World Net Daily.

Spelling and grammar errors as well as typos are left as an exercise for my readers.

1 million attend tea parties in 50 states
'Obama has awakened a sleeping giant'
Posted: April 17, 2009
12:00 am Eastern

By Jerome Corsi and Chelsea Schilling
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

An estimated 1 million Americans participated in at least 1,000 tea parties, according to reports by organizers tabulating the nationwide numbers, with documented protests held in 50 states.

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform told WND, "The Obama administration has awakened a sleeping giant."

Tax Day Tea Party national event coordinator Amy Kremer told WND she has confirmed that more than 850 parties took place. She has at least 100 more reports in her e-mail inbox that have not been posted.

Sign a petition calling on Congress and the president to halt out-of-control spending

Asked how many people attended the events, she responded, "I would estimate it at over 1 million. I'm waiting on more numbers to come in from organizers right now. I can tell you it is absolutely over 750,000 right now."

The largest protests occurred in Atlanta, Ga., with 15,000 participants. As many as 10,000 protesters participating in Sacramento, Calif., and Overland Park, Kan., according to data compiled by Americans for Tax Reform on more than 207 tea parties.

Americans for Tax Reform has established an Internet page on the group's website where organizers of tea parties can submit attendance estimates to be included in the running tally.

Michael DePrimo, special counsel to American Family Association President Tim Wildmon, told WND that AFA's tea party website, Tea Party Day, had 2,031 confirmations that tea parties were to be held in as many cities.

"Since yesterday, we have had 394 cities give us reports, many with photographs, about the tea parties that were held," he said. "We have not been able to get all the information up. We expect more to come in as the days go by."

Glenn Beck reported yesterday on his Fox News program that official estimates of the participation in the Tea Party held in San Antonio, Texas, reached as many as 20,000 people.

The Glenn Beck show broadcast on Fox News live on April 15, from the Tea Party held at the Alamo in San Antonio.

"The establishment in Washington, D.C., is terrified," Norquist said. "There were no such demonstrations four months into the administrations of Democratic presidents Carter or Clinton."

Norquist told WND that the Obama administration was taken by surprise by the nationwide protests because the administration had calculated increased government spending was supposed to be the popular part of President Obama's economic stimulus plan.

Instead, Norquist said, the tea parties held in every state on Wednesday proved Americans nationwide are demonstrating in anger and disappointment against Obama administration plans for massive deficit spending.

Tax Day protester in Kansas City, Mo., holds sign (photo: Posted to Tea Party Day)

"Imagine what happens when President Obama, House Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid begin to pay for their 'spend-fest' with higher taxes and inflation," Norquist said.

Kremer said the mainstream media have completely neglected their duty to accurately report on this nationwide movement.

"It's amazing that the mainstream media is reporting it the way that they are," she said. "It's just crazy. It's basically just going to come down to us. We're now reporting it ourselves because they are not reporting it accurately."

Many say the mainstream media attempted either to ignore the protests altogether or characterized tea partiers as disgruntled Republicans unable to accept that "they lost" the 2008 presidential campaign or as "rich taxpayers" unwilling to pay their fair burden of taxes.

However, Kremer said she is constantly receiving reports from organizers about the movement's resounding success.

"I think it was an absolute success," she said. "We want to send a message to them: We hired them; we can fire them. They work for us. They seem to have forgotten that."

She continued, "If it means we have to go after every incumbent in office from now until 2012, we will do that. But the American people are tired of sitting by, and they are starting to step forward and take notice."

Please visit the World Net Daily site to view the pictures.