Monday, March 15, 2010

The National Grange - Grassroots Organization Really? Maybe at one time.

At Saturday's Town Hall member a member of the National Grange was present. I am sorry I forgot his name but I am sure he is a lovely man. Although the National Grange may have good intentions from what I read it appears to be part lobbying group for corporate farmers and part an extension of the Democratic Party. Many of the agenda items are progressive in nature and in line with the Democratic party. I would hardly describe the group as non-partisan.

I found it rather funny that the gentleman was reading a Trace Adkins book I do not recall if it was A Personal Stand. Trace Adkin's agenda and the National Grange Agenda are polar opposites. That is not to be said that you won't catch me with a Michael Moore or some other left wing books because you must be aware of your opponents actions and thoughts in order to defeat your opponents.

I suggest reading their recent headlines and decide if this is an organization that works to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and an organization that encourages personal responsibility or is it a group that pushes for an over reliance on the government? There were a few good agenda items but many seemed inline with the Democratic Party, Progressive agenda and Big Government.

Spelling and grammar errors as well as typos are left as an exercise for my readers.

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