Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let the Teachers do Their Own Dirty Work

Taxpayer dollars should not be used to do the dirty work for teachers. If teachers want to be a part of a union, let them write their own damned check. Teachers' unions do nothing to improve the quality of education in any school. It is time to get unions out of all public schools.

Quote of the Day - "When school children start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of school children." - Albert Shanker, Former President of the American Federation of Teachers

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Teachers, unions focus of message at Patriots' meeting
By Mary E. Young
Reading Eagle
Originally Published: 1/21/2011

School districts should be stopped from spending taxpayer money to collect dues for unions, a member of the Pennsbury School District in Bucks County told about 200 people Thursday night at the monthly meeting of the Berks County Patriots.

Simon Campbell, who also is president of the advocacy group Stop Teacher Strikes, said that in addition to a law banning teacher strikes, a law is needed to make Pennsylvania a right-to-work state in which unions would not be able to force teachers to join.

If teachers want to join, they should be willing to write a monthly check to the union themselves, he told the audience at Leesport Farmers Market in Ontelaunee Township.

Until Pennsylvania becomes a right-to-work state, school districts, county commissioners and township supervisors have the ability to negotiate the collection of union dues via payroll deduction out of union contracts, Campbell said.

Pennsbury School District did it, he said.

The teachers union is a political organization, not an educational one, Campbell said.

"Go after their money, because that's where their power comes from," he said.

The unions are not serving the public when they throw children out of school so they can strike for salaries and benefits that no one in any other profession gets, he said.

Ana Puig, co-chairwoman of the Kitchen Table Patriots in Bucks County, talked about the similarities she sees between the Obama administration and the Marxists who have taken over several Latin American countries under the guise of democratic elections.

Among those similarities are the introduction to the masses of a progressive candidate as a messiah who is going to eliminate the evil capitalist system, adoration of the candidate by the media, voter fraud and turning political opposition into demons, she said.

To change things, Republicans must reform their party and go back to its conservative values, said Puig, who was born and raised in Brazil but immigrated legally to the U.S.

"We must again constrain the federal government to its proper limited role in the Constitution, and return the power to the states and the people," she said. "We must not lose focus. The grass-roots movement is real. We have what it takes to free ourselves from the tyranny."

Also speaking were the six candidates seeking the Republican nomination for the March 15 special election to fill the 11th Senatorial District seat that became vacant with the Dec. 27 death of state Sen. Michael A. O'Pake, a Reading Democrat.

The Berks GOP executive committee plans to make a final choice Saturday.

The candidates are Register of Wills Larry Medaglia; former Sheriff Barry J. Jozwiak; Kenneth A. Smith, a financial adviser and Exeter Township supervisor; James M. Smith, a Richmond Township attorney; Michael Rivera, an assistant vice president at the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry; and Dr. George Chovanes, a Hereford Township neurosurgeon.

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