Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Majority of Newport Schools Show Improvement

The following article appears in the Eagle Times. The majority of schools in Newport showed improvement over last year. The paper is reporting that Croydon "maintained its perfect slate in both reading and math, goals it also reached in 2008."

I look forward to reading the actual reports, to see the actual numbers of students meeting or exceeding goals. It was refreshing to see Newport schools improve over last year.

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Some school make progress under NCLB
Claremont schools do poorly
Monday, April 06, 2009 11:24 PM

CONCORD -- Led by strong performances by Fall Mountain, Newport and Sunapee, the 2009 Adequate Yearly Progress Reports for Sullivan County schools inched up slightly over 2008.

The annual report card for all New Hampshire schools was issued Monday afternoon by the New Hampshire Department of Education.

To achieve AYP under the federal No Child Left Behind act, schools or districts must have met reading and mathematics targets. They must also have met state participation, attendance and graduation goals.

If schools don't meet adequate progress for two years in a row, they are added to a list of schools in need of improvement.

Claremont schools continued to struggle, according to the report. Only Bluff School met the 2009 reading goal while Maple Avenue School was the only school to meet the 2009 math goal. In 2008, none of the five Claremont schools met the reading goal and only Bluff School achieved that level for math.

For the middle school it marked the fourth time it has come up short in reading and the fifth time in math.

Failing to meet the Adequate Yearly Progress goals signifies that schools need to do more planning, have more accountability and more effort and receive more support and oversight from the New Hampshire Department of Education, according to Jacqueline Guillette, SAU 6 Superintendent of Schools.

In SAU 60, covering the Fall Mountain area, only the Alstead Primary School, Charlestown Primary School and Walpole Middle School failed to meet the 2009 reading goal. Five of the 11 SAU 60 schools came up short for the math goal. They were Alstead Primary School, Charlestown Middle School, Charlestown Primary School, Fall Mountain Regional High School and Walpole Middle School.

It marked the second year that Charlestown Primary School had missed the grade in both reading and math and the third year for Fall Mountain Regional High School in math.
In Newport, Richards Elementary School did not meet the reading goal. Newport Middle High School, Newport Middle School and Towle Elementary School all had a passing grade in reading. All four schools made the grade in math.

The biggest improvement was made by Newport Middle School. It failed to meet the goal in both reading and math in 2008 and prior to 2009 had a failing grade for three years in reading and four years in math. Prior to this year, Towle didn't meet the reading goal for three years.

Sunapee Central School and Sunapee Senior High School continued to meet the standards for both reading and math while Sunapee Middle High School made the grade in reading but not in math.
Cornish Elementary School got a passing grade in reading but not in math. In 2008 it came up short in both areas.

Croydon Village School maintained its perfect slate in both reading and math, goals it also reached in 2008.

Goshen-Lempster Cooperative School did not make the goal in both curriculums. A year earlier it passed in reading.

Grantham missed the mark in reading but was successful in math.

Unity made the grade in reading but not in math. It failed to reach either goal in 2008.

Plainfield Elementary School reached the passing progress level in both subjects as it did in 2008.

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