Thursday, April 9, 2009

Croydon Residents will see a 26 Cent Drop in the School Tax Rate.

The following article is from the April 9, 2009 edition of the Eagle Times. The article is a partial summary of what happened at the Croydon School Board Meeting.

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Jim sent the following to Archie Mountain as a correction to Jim's comments made in the article.


I just read your article about last night's Croydon school board meeting and would like to comment while the event remains fresh in my mind. I believe that you misquoted me, and more specifically mischaracterized the interaction between myself and Marilyn Brannigan regarding the role of a school board member. This article gives an erroneous impression of my stance on the role of a school board member.

Marilyn Brannigan did not merely "suggest that I read up on the subject to understand it better." She dictated that in order to be a school board member that I had an obligation to read the research. (Her words were something like "If you're going to be a school board member, you need to read the research.") This is quite different than making a suggestion. This is a command - completely inappropriate in her position.

I cannot remember my exact response, but it was something to the effect of "I already have the only requirement to be a school board member - I got elected".

The point I was trying to make is that it is inappropriate for the Superintendent to attempt to define my role as a school board member. I believe that my words succeeded in making that point at the board meeting.

In contrast, your article not only fails to convey the spirit of the exchange, but actively represents an entirely different message.

Jim Peschke

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