Friday, June 5, 2009

Yes they can!

Anastasia's Chemistry Quiz.

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Children are sponges and have the capacity to learn unfortunately that is not a belief that is often held in public schools. At a meeting last year at a Newport School Jim told a teacher that his four year old daughter could read and the teacher insisted she could not. At the Newport Education Foundation meeting someone said that 3rd graders should not have homework because they can not do it. Jim explained that his 4 year old daughter does homework all the time. As you can see from the above Chemistry Quiz Anastasia can do homework. We taught Anastasia to read at three and have made learning fun. Making sure children learn to read by the end of kindergarten or first grade I believe is the key to success in public schools. The problem is they are not teaching them to read and keep passing them from grade to grade even if they can't read.

Hot off the presses is a RAND Study titled Charter Schools Don’t Hurt Traditional Schools. In this study one thing that is clear is the expectations of the teachers make a difference on student performance. If public schools would just expect everyone to succeed maybe their would be more successes in public schools. If you expect mediocrity or failure by certain students that is exactly the outcome that they will get.

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