Thursday, June 4, 2009

Croydon News

I finally put a link to Gayle Hedrington's column on our links of interest. Her column now appears at I miss reading her column in the Eagle Times.

Gayle Hedrington is reporting that there is an SAU 43 meeting June 8th to discuss the area agreement. Why the SAU is involved in our agreement between Newport and Croydon is beyond me. The decision is that of the Croydon School Board and they should follow the wishes of the Croydon taxpayers and voters. Newport's and the SAU's action show not only their level of greed but the state to which they like to bully Croydon taxpayers and parents around. Shame on the whole lot of them. Most parents would choose Newport, but Newport should not be chaining other parents and students to their poorly performing school system.

Cathy Peschke
One Very Upset Croydon Parent and Taxpayer

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