Monday, June 1, 2009

The 1st Amendment Right to Assemble is Under Attack in New Hampshire

For three years New Hampshire's Live, Free or Die Rally successfully went off without a hitch. This year the group's organizer Jean Coutu is reporting problems getting permits for the Rally. This has never happened in the past. The Canada Free Press is reporting that the people of the Live, Free or Die Rally believe this is an attempt to stop their 1st Amendment right to assemble. New Hampshire has been listed as one of the freest states in which to live. The ACLU usually assists in these situations but will not because guns will be present at the Rally.

Jean Coutu is asking people to assist in the right to assemble by.....

contacting the
Town of Jaffrey
10 Goodnow Street
Jaffrey, NH, 03452
Town e-mails:

Write a letter to the editor expressing your concern over the Right to Assemble being denied to the people of the Live Free or Die Rally.


If you are an attorney or know an attorney please contact Jean Coutu at

Will this denial of the right to assemble spread to Tea Parties and other groups? Please help in anyway you can.

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