Friday, April 3, 2009

62% of Schools Failed to Make Adequate Yearly Progress

AYP reports from the Dept of ED are to come out on Monday. Last year 62% of public schools failed to make adequate yearly progress and 40% of schools are in need of improvement. Yet legislators continue to pander to the teachers unions and administrators while blocking real reform and doing what is best for New Hampshire's children.

We need to get rid of tenure it protects bad teachers and prevents schools from hiring teachers that could improve student performance.

Legislators and unions oppose school choice they would rather that your child sit in one of the 40% of schools in need of improvement or one of the 62% of schools that failed to make AYP rather than let you find an institute that could better prepare your child for life.

They oppose complete homeschooling freedom because despite how well homeschoolers do they think as providers of a failing education system they can do a better job than a parent who is truly doing it for the kids and for free.

It is not about what is best for New Hampshire's children it is about money and power. Shame on any legislator and educator who does not support educational freedom. You are a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. Seriously how do you look yourself in the mirror each morning?

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The following AP article appears at Boston.Com.

CONCORD, N.H.—The New Hampshire Department of Education plans to release its annual Adequate Yearly Progress report on schools Monday.

To achieve passing progress, schools or districts must have met reading and mathematics targets. They must also have met state participation, attendance and graduation goals.

Last year, 175 schools achieved passing progress in all areas. The department said 282 schools failed one or more targets.

If schools don't meet adequate progress for two years in a row, they are added to a list of schools in need of improvement. Fifty schools were added to the list last year, bringing the total to 183.

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