Monday, March 30, 2009

What would happen if administrators, teachers and school workers held these values.

Honesty - All financial documents including check registries and all employment contracts would be online. They would stop using the "It's for the kids" line.

Reverence - Students, parents and taxpayers interests would be first priority and placed above the interests of the employees.

Hope - Educators would hope for a change in the public education system where the money follows the child and not the institute. This would allow for the best education situation chosen for students to achieve maximum educational results while reducing dropout rates.

Thrift - All education spending would be kept in line with the CPI. Educators would work to streamline education and get rid of unfunded mandates. Education in the primary years would focus primarily on the three R's until mastered.

Humility - Educators would stop using the line "teaching is the hardest job in the world." Sorry there are many professions that are more difficult and dangerous than teaching and many are more important than teaching. If an educator cannot see this they should not be an educator.

Charity - All educators would volunteer to do two hours of free tutoring a week to aid those children who are not making AYP in math, reading, writing and science.

Sincerity - Educators would question their sincerity to the education of children every year. If in doubt they would walk away from the profession and open the door to the ten of thousands of applicants who are rejected every year because of the lack of teaching positions available.

Moderation - The Education industry would do away with all lobbyist and stop trying to squeeze as much money out of the taxpayer as possible. The education industry would fight to get rid of pensions and the defined benefit plan and switch to a defined contribution plan and/or social security.

Hard Work - Whiney Arrogant School People (WASP) would actually stop whining and put more effort into getting better education results without whining about their long work day/year and lack of payment for planning time. Many jobs do not get paid for extra work and paperwork time. Why would someone go into teaching and not expect to have to spend time before or after work making plans and grading papers.

Courage - WASPs would have the courage to reject their unions and status quo in education. They would fight for fiscal responsibility in education and they would work to get rid of tenure (this only benefits educators and protects bad teachers tenure does not benefit children). They would have the courage to get rid of the so many unnecessary mandates. As good or great educators they would not fear school choice or homeschooling freedom and would fight for both.

Personal Responsibility - Educators would take responsibility for all student results instead of just successes. They will stop blaming parents for failure.

Gratitude - They would be grateful that they have been given the honor to educate the children in their community. They would be grateful to have such a well paying job with a short work year, excellent benefits and an outstanding retirement plan that is bankrupting states across America.

Values hat tip Glenn Beck.

Spelling and grammar errors as well as typos are left as an exercise for my readers.

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