Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homeschooling Dad Elected to School Board

Is Jim Peschke the only Homeschooling Parent on a school board in New Hampshire? Maybe! From what I can tell so far there is a former homeschooling parent on the Stafford School Board and another woman who served on a school board in Milford for five years.

John Ryan is a homeschooling Dad on the Carpentersville D-300 school board and John O'Neill is a homeschooling Dad on the McHenry D-15 school board, in Illinois. A quick Google search and I was able to locate a few homeschooling parents on school boards across America.

The current make-up of school boards nationwide is about 75% percent of the individual boards are made-up of spouses, teachers from other districts, retired teachers, retired administrators, civil servants and union workers. A great deal of time, effort and money is put in by school employees and unions to ensure that these people get elected so that their interests are served over the taxpayers', parents' and students' interests.

School board associations nationwide and statewide mirror the same key issues and platforms as administrators and principle associations as well as teacher unions.

Teachers unions and school employees have also hijacked the PTAs/PTOs to ensure their interests and agendas are achieved while totally ignoring what is best for the students they serve.

Public Schools are a far cry from the one-room schoolhouses that once dotted our Country. Public schools have been hijacked by the employees and unions from the people they are to serve. Their primary effort is make the employees wealthy and the people they serve financial slaves to their irresponsible spending of taxpayer dollars. Much effort on the part of the employees has ensured that they are not actually held accountable for educating the very people they are to serve.

These people fail to realize that schools exist to serve the people not the employees. Unfortunately they have hijacked the system and employees get more out of the system than the students they serve.

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