Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Congratulations to Jim Peschke

Congratulations to Jim Peschke - Croydon's newest school board member.

Jim Peschke - 69 votes
Write-in Candidate - 58 votes

Wow I was surprised Jim won. First of all Jim was out spent well over 100 to 1. The opponent had mass mailings, colored mailing materials, colored signs, etc. Coming into this we knew that Jim would have to overcome 60 votes based on last year's election. I was not optimistic; George Caccavaro won the seat with 60 write-in votes last year. We knew that voter turnout was key to overcome the pro-teacher union and tax and spend crowd. Future education reformers and tax fighters will have to keep in mind that large voter turnout is essential in overcoming the base pro-teacher union and tax and spend crowd here in Croydon.

Again thank you to all of Jim's supporters.
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