Saturday, November 1, 2008

Don't Be Selfish, Give Up Your Pensions For Social Security

Don't Be Selfish, Give Up Your Pensions For Social Security

I just read a piece where Obama states not wanting to pay higher taxes is selfish. That is a bunch of B.S. He is using this line to try to persuade voters to pay higher taxes. My Great, great, great, great, great, great, great...Uncle Sam Adams would be spinning in his grave if he heard that piece of propaganda.

When Obama speaks of middle class I think he speaks of union employees and government employees including teachers. These are the groups he wants to grow and protect. These groups represent blatant socialism at its best and they are the foot soldiers of the democratic party. By tipping the balance of these groups to 51% Republicans and Independents would eventually be run out of office and the democrats would hold the house, senate and the presidency until there was another revolt by the American citizens.

If Obama wins he will at some point bailout the government pensions from the city to the federal level. This pension tsunami will make the most recent bailout look like it was paid with a piggy bank.

There are numerous reports that shatter the myth that teachers and other public employees are underpaid or paid less than private employees. But their propaganda often works because many taxpayers just do not do their homework. Taxpayers fall for propaganda lines like "it's for the kids", "crime will increase because we don't have enough police", "we will lose our jobs", "there will be chaos everywhere." P-lease! These lines are all about selfishness on the part of a bunch of overpaid lazy workers that have so much time off they are often able to "work" more than one job and gain a second and even a third public pension.

Unions and government employees should stop being selfish and immediately turn over all pensions funds to social security and instead receive social security benefits from here on out. To not do so is selfish. Surely you can live off 27,876 a year assuming you are getting maximum S. S. benefits. Surely you do not need that 75,000, 150,000 or even 300,000 dollar a year pension you government/taxpayer paid hacks*.

Come on all you union and government employees, do it for the good of America. Solve the social security problem while at the same time helping to balance all levels of government budgets.

In An Unselfish World...
Breaking news: Tomorrow union and government employees will do the following to help balance city, state and federal budgets nationwide.

1. Paid holidays decreased from 12 to 7 days a year.

2. Paid vacation limited to three weeks a year with no carryover.

3. All government employees pay 50% of insurance premiums.

4. Sick pay limited to 5 days a year with no carry over.

5. Elimination of tenure for teachers and elimination guaranteed job security for all civil service jobs to weed out dead weight employees.

6. Elimination of nepotism within all levels of public sector jobs.

7. Schools required to be open 250 days a year as opposed to 180 days a year.

8. All government employees required to work until 67. No more double dipping on pensions because all employees receive social security.

Headline down the road; Budgets balanced at all levels of the government, productivity up among government employees, educational results finally no longer flat. Americans prosper by paying less taxes.


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