Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote YES on 1! End the Massachusetts Income Tax!

I occasionally have a few readers from Massachusetts so I am posting this on our site. The other reason I am posting it on this site is because if the Democrats manage to get an income tax passed here in New Hampshire the following will give you a peek into where spending will go and how we may have to fight to end an income tax here in New Hampshire down the line. The best thing to do is to cut spending now in New Hampshire and never allow an income tax to pass in New Hampshire.

I received the following from Small Government News.


Small Government News*
Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote YES on 1! End the Massachusetts Income Tax!

Publisher: Carla Howell
Editor: Michael Cloud


- Why Are the Teachers Unions Ignoring, Denying, and Refusing to Cut These Billions of Dollars in Massachusetts Government Waste?
- At-a-Glance Comparison: Government Worker Retirement VS. Private Sector Worker Retirement
- Documentation and Sources for Some of the Government Waste

By Michael Cloud and Carla Howell

Government Waste Causes Your High Taxes.

Yet the Teachers Unions and their anti-Question 1 allies refuse to acknowledge or address the billions and billions of dollars in Massachusetts government waste.

The Teachers Unions are trying to terrorize voters with visions of 40% to 80% layoffs and shut downs of police, fire fighters, ambulances, 9-1-1 emergency services, and other highly-prized government personnel and services.

The Teachers Unions know full well that Question 1 will simply cut state government spending from $47 billion to $35 billion – our 1999 level.

Teachers Unions are praying you’ll never learn that 36% of the combined $70 billion in city, town and state government spending fully funds all of these government services at their current level:
· public schools
· road construction, repair and maintenance
· colleges and universities
· police officers
· fire fighters
· 9-1-1 emergency services
· snow plowing
· trash pick-up
· payments on the state government’s debt
· lottery prize winnings
· courts
· prisons
· and all constitutionally-mandated offices

…with a few bucks left over for graft and patronage.

All of these services are funded at 100% of today’s level with only 36% of Massachusetts government spending.

So why are the Teachers Unions and their allies threatening your family with firing and shutting down these essential services?

Remember the story of the baby and the dirty bathwater? ( )

Why are the Teachers Unions campaigning against Ballot Question 1 by threatening to hurt the baby?

Why are they ferociously opposing our proposal to throw out ONLY the dirty bathwater?

Again and again, opposition spokespeople – led by the husband of Rosanne Bacon Meade, former President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association - claim,

“Carla Howell and the supporters of Ballot Question 1 can’t even show us $2 billion in waste in state government spending.”

Again and again, we cite billions and billions in government waste.

But they seem to suffer from Government Waste Amnesia – and raise their discredited challenge at the next debate.

Once again, here’s a partial list of Massachusetts government waste.

Because the Massachusetts state government refuses to "Show You the Tax Money," refuses to open the books on government finances, this list of state government waste is only the tip of the garbage heap.

All of the information was exposed by Massachusetts newspapers - who sometimes get access to income and spending numbers.

Here's a partial list of Massachusetts state government waste we would cut – while ENDing the state income tax:

* $138.7 million tax subsidy to millionaire movie stars and millionaire movie directors.

* $1 billion in tax subsidies to multi-billion dollar bio-tech pharmaceutical corporations – to bring more of them to Massachusetts. ($100 million paid each year for 10 years.)

* $2.55 billion MORE waste added this year to the retirement pay for retired state government employees. Despite the fact that they get twice to three times the retirement income of private sector retirees. Despite the fact that government employees retire 13 years younger than private sector retirees. Who’s forced to pay the $2.55 billion increase? You and your co-workers. Private sector taxpayers.

* $3 billion to $6 billion waste per year in retirement pay - excessive and outrageous over-payment - to retired state government employees, city and town government employees, and public school teachers and other school employees. We can and we should engage in good faith re-negotiations of the terms and money of all government employee pensions - and give back the outrageous overcharges to taxpayers.

* $330 million waste and overpayment to toll collectors. $70,000 a year paid to toll collectors – plus plush benefits. Plus full retirement pay of $50,000 a year at age 54. For unskilled labor – counting and making change – that require only a 5th grade education. Cut toll booth collector pay in half – to $35,000 a year. Give back the $15 million a year excess pay to taxpayers. And give back the $315 million in excessive retirement pay - caused by the $35,000 in overpayment each year for toll collectors.

* $200 million high school being built in Newton, Massachusetts. A large fraction funded out of the state government budget.

* $300 million to $600 million worth of unnecessary, over-built, and overpriced local public school construction in the just the last few years – hundreds of millions of dollars out of the taxes we pay to the state government.

* $80 million to $100 million a year in overpayment, excess, and waste for road safety flaggers by Massachusetts town, city, and state governments.

This is just the tip of the garbage heap.

We must open the government’s books. Expose all the nitty-gritty government waste. The sheer embarrassment of it will force the legislature to announce billions of dollars in immediate cuts.

What's worse than government waste?

Financing government waste.

Paying interest and finance fees on government waste.

Every billion dollars of government waste that gets financed by tax bonds ends up costing taxpayers an additional billion dollars.

Waste Financed is Waste Doubled. And the tax costs doubled.

Proof? The Big Dig: the over-promised, under-delivered, massively wasteful government construction project. The Big Dig proves that waste financed doubles the cost of the waste. The Massachusetts state government still owes $13.83 billion for the Big Dig. $6.81 billion of the debt is for the construction – and $7.02 billion is for finance charges and interest!

Teachers Unions and other government unions directly profit from protecting and promoting government waste.

Government waste causes high taxes.

Cutting government waste cuts your taxes.

Cutting taxes promotes cutting government waste.

Help us cut Massachusetts government waste.

Please make a donation right now so we can WIN the vote on November 4th, get rid of billions and billions of dollars in government waste -- and END the state income tax:

At-a-Glance Comparison: Government Worker Retirement VS. Private Sector Worker Retirement

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