Friday, October 31, 2008

Argh...the more I read I just can not understand why people support Barack Obama.

Okay, I am officially obsessed with this election. I am a news/political junkie and I think my husband is going to conduct an intervention soon. Yes I have hi-jacked our Citizens for Reasonable And Fair Taxes website as my own pulpit as of late. But I maintain it is Obama's stance on taxes that allows me to do so as we are Citizens for Reasonable And Fair Taxes.

I know some people who are supporting Obama some people I can have a discussion about the issues some people I can not. I read articles on the left, articles on the right and articles in the middle about the election. The past two days I heard an Obama ad on the radio that I thought was very persuasive at attracting the New Hampshire voter assuming that New Hampshire voter was limited in his/her presidential research. In fact it made Obama sound like he was raised with middle America beliefs and believed in hard work like so many Americans, but this just is not true. I just could not believe the audacity and pandering of the ad.

With all of the following how can anyone vote for this man? The only conclusion I can come up with is they are just ignorant to the extent of this man's beliefs, connections, bias of the MSM and the corruption surrounding his campaign.

I would really like to hear from Obama supporters how they rationalize the following they appear in no particular order. All questions are accompanied sources from left, right and middle.

The truth about taxes, fact checks on taxes

Why the mortgage crisis really happened.

Can you trust a man who lies even before the presidential candidates were declared? Obama's flip on public campaign financing.

What will happen to your privacy under Obama? Dare to be a women who is not a democrat and get your email hacked. Dare to be someone like Joe the Plumber asking a legitimate questions to Obama and get your privacy violated by state employees.

How do you turn a blind eye to Acorn? The right to vote is sacred in my book. Are you okay with a man whose followers steal elections?

The main stream media is in the tank for Obama and Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?

Okay I am a proud American and frankly I do think there are Americans who are not proud to be called an American.

Is Barack even a citizen? Someone bought this up at the Sarah Palin rally. Frankly I brushed it off but enough people bought it up I felt the need to investigate the matter further.

How Obama feels about your right to bear arms.

Doesn't it bother you that Obama is a Marxist? Maybe schools have been successful at pushing their agenda and people and indeed do not care that he is a Marxist. "How do you tell a Communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin." Ronald Reagan

Charity starts at home. Charity starts at home. Will he take care of Americans as well as he takes care of family?

The Fairness Doctrine will be reinstated under Obama this will eliminate much of the right bloggers and conservative talk show hosts. "Fairness Doctrine’ Is A Code Name For “Censorship"

Finally for Catholics out there, heck for human beings in general how do you rationalize Barack Obama and his stance on Born Alive Infants Protection Program.

I could continue on forever but I will leave it here and step off my soap box. If in spite of all this someone still votes for Obama they are doing it fully educated but I will never understand why.

My mother and father taught me there is no shame in working hard no matter the job. I can take care of myself and my family. I will be supporting McCain and Palin as they share my values. No thank you Obama I do not need a handout. Those who have worked hard for their money should keep it and give through charity if they want to share their wealth.


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