Monday, April 20, 2015

Granite Grok

Superintendents v. School Boards

Jorge Mesa-Tejada delivers our education update on what an SAU is (School Administrative Unit) and how Superintendents–the administrative leaders of the administrative units–have seized powers reserved to the School Boards

Above is a link to the Granite Grok radio show, please take the time to listen.  What has been pointed out in several meetings, by Jim Peschke, is eloquently explained in this podcast.  The School Board members are in charge not the superintendents.  The state school board association is wrongly informing members.   Please take 13.27 minutes to listen to this show.  This is why school groups and P.T.O. members try to get puppets for the school board.  These groups do not want informed, independent thinkers on school boards.


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