Friday, April 24, 2015

Common Core = Federalized Standards

Common Core or as I like to refer to it is Communist Core or Commie Core, has no place in our Republic.   Good news coming from Seattle 100% of juniors at Nathan Hale High School opted out of testing, and your children should, too.  The following report appears on the King website.  


No juniors show up to take SBAC at Seattle high school

SEATTLE -- Not a single 11th grade students showed up to take the SBAC test at Nathan Hale High School this week, a Seattle Public Schools spokesperson confirmed.

The news that 100% of the 11th graders opted out of the test was first reported on an education blog.

Earlier this year, teachers at Nathan Hale passed a resolution against in the Common Core Standards test, but SPS Superintendent Larry Nyland threatened teachers with the loss of their teaching licenses if they didn't administer the test, according to the Seattle Education blog.

There are two more days of testing next week, according to SPS spokesperson Stacy Howard. She said the district would address the opt out numbers once testing was finished.

SPS reported that over 100 juniors also declined to take the test at Garfield High School earlier in April, and a number of parents and teachers have spoken out against the exam.
Students who opt out will receive a "0" as their score, which will impact the passing rate for the school.

Washington state public schools are required to give the Smarter Balanced Assessment test to meet the federal requirements of No Child Left Behind."

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"A child educated only at school is an uneducated child." - George Santayana

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