Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When Should Children Start School

Starting school early can be damaging students, countries that start students later in schooling often out perform American students in comparison studies.  Croydon voters were correct in rejecting full-day kindergarten.  We should take it one step further and eliminate kindergarten all together.  Kindergarten has socialist origins.

Cathy Peschke
Grammatical errors are left as an exercise to my readers.

“Children learn what they live. Put kids in a class and they will live out their lives in an invisible cage, isolated from their chance at community; interrupt kids with bells and horns all the time and they will learn that nothing is important or worth finishing; ridicule them and they will retreat from human association; shame them and they will find a hundred ways to get even. The habits taught in large-scale organizations are deadly.” - John Taylor Gatto

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