Sunday, March 16, 2014

Parents are Responsible for their Children's Education

     After eleven years of fighting against excessive taxes and fighting for education reform,  I have found Jim and I are often misquoted in the press.   The Valley News misquoted me, yet again.  The only time I said kids was when I was quoting the person who said kids.  I rarely if ever refer to children or my children as kids.  The only other time you will hear me use the word kids is if I am referring to baby goats or if I am repeating the platitude, "It's for the kids."  I also put an s at the end of the community because without it, it totally changes the meaning of what I said.

     I asked some of my friend's, "Ultimately who is responsible for a child's education?"  Unlike town hall meeting where my reply of parents got a chuckle and a snide remark from the moderator of, "I guess we don't need schools," my friends overwhelming replied, "parents".   In fact fourteen replied "parents," three jokingly replied with varying answers.   The fact that it got a chuckle makes me feel really sad for some of the children of Croydon and some of those in Croydon.

     Parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children. The public school system aka government school system aka socialized education system as it is now was not meant to educate children.  It is scary how few know that.  The current system is meant to school children not educate them, achieve a progressive utopia, and to destroy the Republic.  I would say public schools are successful in that manner, but not educating children. 

Cathy Peschke

Grammatical errors are left as an exercise to my readers.

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