Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Hampshire Families for Education

New Hampshire Families for Education will be at the CheNH Convention this weekend.

If you are looking for a good cause to donate to consider New Hampshire Families for Education. Homeschoolers don't have a PAC and teachers unions, administrators and school employees do have PAC's and Lobbyists. Unless homeschoolers wake up and become more active at restoring their right to homeschool without government intervention we may not be able to homeschool anymore.

We would appreciate non homeschoolers supporting this cause as well. Homeschoolers save taxpayers billions of dollars each year by assuming the responsibility of educating their own children.

We have all seen personal liberty dissipate this past year. People like Comrades Rous and Casey would love to put an end to homeschooling don't let them win. Protecting homeschooling freedom is not a spectator sport.

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