Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free Speech Alert

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Quote of the Day - “Without Freedom of thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of speech” Benjamin Franklin

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Free Speech Alert!
By CNHT | May 26, 2010

Senator Hassan introduces amendment forcing non-profits and other corporations to disclose donors for any kind of political/issue advocacy, requires certification from secretary of state’s office for such activity, and requires determination of max. expenditures…

More… amendment language drafted by former head of NH Democratic Party and current legal counsel, Kathy Sullivan…

In what can only be described as one of the most outrageous attacks on political free speech, Senator Maggie Hassan has introduced an amendment to HB1459 which is designed specifically to target groups such as Cornerstone and its national partners, by not only making them disclose their donors, but further, making them take a vote of their Board or trustees to do such advocacy, getting the vote certified by the Secretary of State’s Office, disclosing to the Secretary of State that they plan to such advocacy, and makes the organization disclose a maximum amount they plan to spend!!

Again, this not only includes political activity, but ALSO includes issue advocacy such as the recent ads done on Governor Lynch’s record. The fact of the matter is that mandating the disclosure of donors by non-profit organizations which do issue advocacy is blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

It appears that Governor Lynch did not like the fact that the tables were being turned on him when he was criticized his record — and now he and the legislative leadership are attempting to change the rules because it no longer works for them!

ALL NON-PROFITS, CORPORATIONS, LLC’S AND PARTNERSHIPS WILL BE BOUND BY THESE NEW RULES UNDER THIS AMENDMENT… (see the amendment HERE – pertinent language starts at section 49, a little more than half way down)

An email yesterday sent from the NH Democratic Party’s legal counsel, Kathy Sullivan, to about 25 various organizations, outlining her revisions to the amendment to address some of the concerns raised by those receiving the email. Among one of her suggestions is raising the disclosure amount to an aggregate contribution of $10,000 — still unconstitutional. Remember: Kathy Sullivan also just recently filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office in an effort to get TV ads against Lynch pulled.


This amendment has already passed the Senate (14-10) and is currently in a conference committee of House and Senate members. The committee will meet TODAY at 9am (LOB Room 302).

Call the Governor’s Office, the Speaker’s Office and the Senate President’s Office, calling on them to put an end to this unconstitutional power grab at once! Please be respectful, but let them know in no uncertain terms should free political speech be stifled in New Hampshire!!

Governor Lynch: 271-2121
Speaker’s Office: 271-3661
Senate President’s Office: 271-2111

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