Monday, January 18, 2010

20 Random Thoughts and Beliefs.

1. 911 was not an inside job.
2. The Holocaust did happen.
3. We did land on the moon.
4. I think that some people who believe contrary to the above three can and will cause great harm in our world.
5. Global warming is a hoax we have been going through periods of warming and cooling since the beginning of time. This is just yet another way to control the masses.
6. There is absolute insanity in those who support the killing of innocent people (abortion) and oppose the death penalty for horrible and evil serial killers or child killers.
7. Voting to increase your neighbors taxes is immoral.
8. The government taxing without representation is theft.
9. Some wars are a necessary evil.
10. The War on Poverty has kept 13% of the population in poverty since the 1960's this is one more War that must end.
11. The welfare system is a way to keeping people slaves to the government.
12. When you rely on the government to take care of you, you lose your ability to take care of yourself. Case in point Haiti and New Orleans. We have had tragedy just as large in California, Texas, Florida and New York the people who survive for the most part dust themselves off and put their lives back together.
13. People kill people guns don't kill people.
14. Laws will never stop evil people. Good people don't need laws.
15. Our Country has been on the decline for decades. Republicans, Democrats, Progressives and Independents have had a hand in messing up the Country. When you relinquish your rights to the government you will lose them.
16. Sadly evil does triumph over good at times.
17. If you like Chavez, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Marx, Castro, Che Guevara or Mussolini you are either really ignorant or really evil.
18. Unions that once built this Country are now destroying our Country.
19. Good hard working people no longer need Unions.
20. Public Pensions are nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme that will bankrupt States and our Country.

Spelling and grammar errors as well as typos are left as an exercise for my readers.

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