Saturday, June 13, 2009

Does only one Croydon School Board Member Represent the People of Croydon?

At the school board meeting this past week two Croydon School Board members authorized more spending in the school budget than was authorized during the town hall meeting. You can guess which two.

In April the three school board members sat down to make the necessary cuts to meet the budget as voted on by the residents at the town hall meeting. Jim suggested a budget that did not cut teachers. Linda and George approved a budget that cut teachers. The teachers and employees of Croydon were not happy with it so at the last two school board meetings they pestered the school board until two caved. Can you guess which two?

Last year by a nearly two to one margin 70 households in Croydon responded to the long term planning committee that they want school choice. Michelle Caccavaro, Marilyn Brannigan, other Newport and SAU employees not happy with this are trying to say the people of Croydon really don't want this and do not know what is best for themselves. Jim was told three times by Newport people and SAU people as well as least once by Carol Marsh and Matt Wittasek that it is his job as a school board member to tell the people of Croydon what they want. Jim said no he represents the people of Croydon. These people clearly appear to not believe in a representative government. So the "we know what is best for you crowd", persuaded George and Linda to have an "information" meeting about how bad leaving Newport will be for Croydon residents. This meeting will probably be nothing but scare tactics, threats, intimidation and propaganda by the "we know what is best for you crowd" because they care more about Croydon tax dollars in their pockets then the desires of all those that expressed they want choice for their families and the residents of Croydon.

Don't think the only care about money. At the school meeting Monday the state representative from the department of ed told us that we could send our children to other schools. A Newport employee questioned even if the child does not go to Newport Schools, Croydon would still have to pay us that child's tuition. See folks Newport only wants our tax dollars they don't care that the majority of residents want choice. They will push until they get what they want unless Croydon residents speak up.

Spelling and grammar errors as well as typos are left as an exercise for my readers.

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