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Couldn't have said it better myself!

Until we get government out of education we will continue to waste taxpayer dollars and have dismal failure rates in public education.

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Get government out of education
Posted: June 06, 2009
1:00 am Eastern

By Joel Turtel
© 2009

"We" have to give the schools more money. "We" have to pay the teachers more. "We" have to get parents more involved in their children's public schools. "We" have to get parents more involved in their children's homework. "We" have to find a way to close the achievement gap between white children and black or Latino kids. "We" have to demand accountability from our public schools and teachers. "We" have to end the drugs and violence in our public schools. "We" have to improve our teaching methods so our children can read their own diplomas when they graduate high school. "We" have to teach our children environmental propaganda about saving the earth and global warming. "We" have to teach kids to "respect" other people's lifestyles with classes about homosexuality in their sex-ed courses.

And on and on it goes. Every "we" pressure group is at each other's throats about what "we" have to do to improve the congenitally incompetent public schools and our children's education.

Do you notice the one common factor in all these disastrous problems with our children's education in public schools? Right you are – it's the "we" part. Americans have been brainwashed into thinking education is a collective "we" enterprise that must be run by governments
that "we" elect. Since "we" are all taxpayers, and our taxes pay for the public schools, all of us "we" have the right to input our demands, desires, complaints and suggestions about how to "fix" the system. Hence the endless bickering, fighting, backstabbing, grab for "public" tax dollars, power plays and government-induced incompetent education.

With data that will shock the objective observer, "The Harsh Truth About Public Schools" explains why more Americans are yanking their kids from the government system

What's the real solution to finally giving our kids a decent education? Get rid of the "we." Education must be made a private concern of individual parents, NOT a collective "right" of education run by a government monopoly called public schools. Let each parent educate their own children in their own way, paying whatever they can afford, in a quality, low-cost, fiercely competitive, independent school system. Each parent should be responsible for their own children's education in this free-market, private-school system, just as each parent is now responsible for feeding their children with food they buy from private grocery stores and supermarkets.

The problem with public schools is that they are "public" and run by government. The problem is that these government-run public schools exist in the first place. Government is the problem, not the solution to our children's education. Get government out of the education business, and the problem is solved quickly and permanently.

No more "we" pressure groups demanding a say in the government-run education system called public schools. Make it illegal for any local, state or federal government to run, operate or collect taxes for, government schools. Sell off all the public-school buildings to private-school entrepreneurs or teacher unions.

Put an end to the ridiculous notion that "we" all have a "right" to an education, so "we" need tax-supported government schools to enforce that "right." There is no such thing as a "right" to an education. Education doesn't grow free on apple trees. Schools, books and teacher salaries all have to be paid for by someone. That's what tuition is all about in a private school – to pay for these expenses. To claim that your child has a "right" to an education is to claim that you have the right to steal from your neighbor to pay for your child's education through school taxes imposed by your local government.

Ask yourself this. Do you have the right to put a gun to your neighbor's head and demand money from him to pay for your child's sneakers or Wheaties cereal? Do you have the right to steal money from your neighbor to pay for anything your child needs? If you have some moral sense and answered no, then you also don't have the right to steal from your neighbor for your child's education either, no matter how much you love your child, because it's wrong to steal, and two wrongs don't make a right.

Yet, a public "we" school system requires that "we" all steal from each other to pay for our children's education, courtesy of compulsory school taxes. But what about single people, married couples with no children, parents with children in private schools, homeschooling parents and older-retired people with no children in school? All these people, your neighbors, have no need for public schools because they have no school-age children in public schools. Why do your neighbors with no school-age children have to pay school taxes for your children's education in a public school? What if they passed a law saying you have to pay taxes for public golf courses, yet you hate golf and would never set foot on a golf course? (By the way, they do make you pay taxes to support city-owned golf courses).

Public schools need compulsory taxes to stay alive. These taxes let some parents with school-age children steal money from their neighbors who might not have school-age children. The "we" of the public-school system therefore requires massive collective looting on a grand scale, turning us into a nation of education thieves.

So how do we end this moral nightmare that creates congenitally incompetent government (public) schools? Put an end to the "we." Get government out of the education business. Turn education over to parents and the life-giving fresh breath of a fiercely competitive free-market education system, where each parent has complete control only over their own child's education. Then this free-market of education will sharply raise the quality of our children's education, and sharply lower the cost of this education for average parents. The best of both education worlds without having to pay a single dollar in school taxes. Wouldn't that be great?

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