Monday, May 4, 2009

New Link and Great Site

I ran across an excellent BLOG titled Wealth is not the Problem, with a subheading of "Poverty is the problem. Wealth is the solution." The BLOG site is now on my must read list, the site has a plethora of great book recommendations in both economics and "climate change" that I will add to my reading list.


Quote of the Day - Regarding Climate Change and the Left "You can't just look at correlations, you have to look at causations -- what order things happen in, what happens first, what happens next, what causes what. In the earth-sun system, the sun dominates the earth. The sun is pouring energy into every square meter of half the earth's surface 24/7. 0.1% changes in energy received over long periods of time are very significant to the overall temperature of the earth. Human activities pale in comparison.

People who want to globally control greenhouse gases basically want to globally control energy production/usage, and when you control that, you basically control all of human activity, which is the ultimate goal of these people. They want to take control away from corporations and capitalists and keep it for themselves, and implement central planning. This is why the left has politicized the science and made it their issue. Study the data for yourself -- don't just accept the conclusions someone else has reached for you." - Joel W. Storckman

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