Sunday, May 3, 2009

Consolidation of Schools

While surfing through New Hampshire Newspapers online I ran across an article on the CV Spectator titled Board to proceed with consolidation plans. The story got me thinking about "Big Public Ed", SAU 43, the Newport School district and our own district here in Croydon. Here are some random thoughts on the four items I just listed.

Despite their denial "Big Ed" in general in public schools promotes some ideas that are counter productive to their existence. Through the promotion of a homosexual agenda, women's rights, abortion and birth control they reduce the number of children in the world which reduces the students they need to keep their schools running. Than they wonder why enrollment keeps dropping or remains flat. Now I am not making judgement on any of the above just making an observation.

Marilyn Brannigan is the Superintendent of SAU 43 I have read the statutes regarding her duties. Those duties do not include meddling in the Croydon's citizens and taxpayers decision as to what to do with the area agreement once it expires. If she and the educators at Newport would spend as much time trying to educate the students of Newport as they are trying to merge Newport and Croydon into one district the students could achieve so much more academically. Croydon is a separate district from Newport we are not just another school within the Newport school system. Stop worrying about job preservation and start educating your students and Croydon's students.

The merger of Newport and Croydon into one school district would be very bad for Croydon residents and taxpayers we as voters would carry less weight when it comes to controlling education costs. The bigger the district the harder it is to control costs.

Spelling and grammar errors as well as typos are left as an exercise for my readers.

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