Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Interesting Site

Unions and socialism ultimately don't work because of human nature. In theory they may be a good idea but the reality is they just do not work. I found the following two articles on a website called EcoWorld. The first article is titled The Tyranny of Unions by Ed Ring and the second article is Abolish Public Pensions by Ed Ring.

I think if more members of the left and union members truly understood unions they too would oppose unions.

Lately we have seen with budget deficits more often than not when push comes to shove unions members will throw their own members overboard rather than protect them in order to keep their salaries and benefits. If unions really cared about everyone they would take cuts in pay and benefits rather than sacrificing the jobs of fellow union members.

The Socialist Worker reported Bill Maher recently stated , "Teacher's unions--now that's one union we must break." He also said unions "protect bad teachers." If Bill Maher understands how bad teacher unions are, maybe there is still hope for the rest of the people on the far left.

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