Wednesday, March 18, 2009

School Board Meeting

I arrived at the school board meeting late because Anastasia had to make up a gymnastics class.

One thing that kind of floored me was that I noticed the third graders were using the Math Trailblazers workbook*. I would encourage all parents to read about various math programs here.

Newport has failed to make adequate yearly progress in Math for six years straight. I would have hoped they and Croydon employees have done a serious review of the curricula and replaced it with curricula with proven results.

Jim Peschke asked Jim Vezina for a more detailed budget and the working numbers up to the final budget presented at town meeting. Why the previous sitting school board members did not have privy to this information and review this information is beyond me. I really wish they would be more due diligent with the taxpayers of Croydon hard earned dollars. Every dollar misspent is someone's food, fuel, retirement savings, child's college fund, etc., etc., etc.

*I first reported on Math Trailblazers on March 15, 2007. post updated at 3:59 p.m.

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