Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yahoo for Jennie Steinhauser

When I read Jennie's letter I thought I was reading my husband words. The language was a bit harsh compared to most homeschoolers but I loved it. Superfluous and albatross say it isn't so, you go woman. The following LTE appeared in the Concord Monitor. Thank you once again Concord Monitor for your fair coverage of this legislation.

Spelling and grammar errors as well as typos are left as an exercise for our readers.

Unneeded legislation
Jennie Steinhauser, Concord

I am a certified teacher in New Hampshire and in my seventh year of home-schooling. This letter addresses House Bill 367, an act relative to procedures for evaluation of home-schooled students, sponsored by Rep. Judith Day.

Changing the evaluation requirements, as suggested by Day, would not enhance home education in New Hampshire. There has never been any evidence that the current method of evaluation is inadequate. To require both standardized tests administered by a certified teacher and academic portfolios reviewed by a certified teacher, as proposed, is superfluous and would be an albatross on the already over-burdened school districts that would be required to test and maintain the records. Generating resources to finance this unnecessary legislation would be an unwarranted tax burden, as there is no demonstrated need for this additional bureaucracy.

I ask the representatives on the House Education Committee to vote "NO" to HB 367.



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