Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Words of wisdom from yet another homeschooler.

The following LTE about HB 367 and 368 appeared in the Concord Monitor.

The great picture above was found on DangItBill.

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Unnecessary bill

Passion and purpose: Both are important when trying to convince people to take action. That is what was desperately missing in Rep. Judith Day's presentation to the House Education Committee and then 1,000-plus home-schoolers whom she incited to gather last Wednesday.

Where was her passion for all those kids falling through the cracks? Where were her facts to back up her argument that the extreme overhaul of a 20-year law was necessary - especially when a committee declared this law sufficient last year? There were none.

The question is why she would go before the Education Committee and submit herself to this inquisition without any real purpose or facts, or without having done her homework? I ask the public school teachers, principals, superintendents and parents of public school children who are falling through the cracks why she is not crusading for your obvious needs.

Let's call Rep. Day and ask her to drop this unnecessary legislation and propose solutions where problems truly exist.



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