Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Recommend Homeschoolers Attend Meeting to Protect Their Rights.

Chris Hamilton has sent the following in regard to the upcoming hearings for House 367 and 368. Although I do not agree with her on numerous issues her points about the meeting should be heeded by all homeschoolers.


The following is from Chris Hamilton.

On Tuesday, February 10, 3:30 PM, Room 15, Department of Education, the Home Education Advisory Council (HEAC) will meet. It meets monthly to discuss issues related to home education. Legislation affecting home education is one of those issues, but the council does not take a stand on legislation. There are three legislators who serve on the council; only two of them have ever attended. The council chair will not know until a few days before the meeting whether any legislators will be there at all. Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings, but there is no provision for public input.

On Wednesday, February 11, 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM, the House Education Committee (HEC) will meet to hold public hearings on HB367 and HB368. The entire purpose of the hearings is to get input from the public (that's you!) about the bills. The HEC usually meets in the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in Room 207, but because such a large turnout is expected for these two bills, those hearings will be held in Representatives Hall in the State House (the building with the gold dome).

HSLDA sent out an e-lert recommending homeschoolers attend the HEAC meeting, but I would say that if you have to choose between the two meetings, go to the hearing. Your impact on this legislation will be greater, and you will get more out of it. Since many, many people are interested in testifying, there's a good possibility that one or both of the hearings will be "recessed" and "continued" on another day. If you don't get a chance to speak the first day, you may have to come back again.

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