Monday, January 26, 2009

For Homeschooling Multi-Tasking is a Must

The other day I was doing research on the NECAP scores for a letter to the editor, I was writing a letter about a homeschool bill. Anastasia was reading over my shoulder and asked what I was doing. I explained to Anastasia about the NECAP scores and what they mean. I explained how some of the Newport public school kids can not read or read at grade level. Anastasia said (remember she is four) "That is sad Mom, I will teach them how to read. First you teach them the alphabet, than you teach them what the letters say, than you teach them how to put the letters together to make words."

I could really relate to the author's point in the story below about multi-tasking. Many times I will be cooking dinner while teaching Anastasia the states and their capitals or working on her spelling. Jim and I will test Anastasia on the states and capitals in the car with the I know game. Jim may say, "I know the capital of Texas is Concord!" Anastasia will reply back "No, Silly it is Austin.", etc., etc., etc.

The following piece appeared in


Veteran Homeschooler Speaks Out

Homeschool Mom gives the lowdown on homeschooling.
kid with chalkboard

"The Winter 2009 Education Next" publication says that more people than ever are homeschooling. Word has it they aren't just religious conservative nut jobs either. Other types of nut jobs are doing it too.

As a veteran of four years in the homeschool trenches, I thought I would just give those of you who are interested in pursuing this line of education the top five criteria for a homeschooling mom.

1. Ditch Design Trends: If you don't value a clean, well-appointed home and your decorating tastes include books, toys, papers, pencils and small people, you're a good candidate.

2. Not a Loner: You must hate to be alone for even five minutes and enjoy having a constant group of people around you vying for your attention and repeating your name incessantly.

3. Healthy Interest: Being curious and not squeamish is important, because even squished squirrels afford a learning opportunity with the proper gear.

4. Good Work Ethic: If you might enjoy a job that has 16-hour work days, no benefits, accolades or vacation, you have found nirvana.

5. Able to Multitask: You must be willing and able to play puzzles, factor a polynomial, make dinner and read "The Wind in the Willow" with complete characterization while folding laundry.
Do you think you have what it takes to homeschool your kids?

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