Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sarah Palin in Laconia

Yesterday, the children and I went up to Laconia to see Sarah Palin. A little lesson in civics for Anastasia. It was exciting even if she was late. There was a crowd of about 3500.

My daughter asking "I am so excited! When is Sarah Palin going to get here?"

Senator Sununu

Sarah Palin

The event was interesting we arrived at about 11:00 Governor Palin was expected to arrive at 1:00 p.m. I was surprised at the make up of the crowd behind us were two gay woman from Connecticut. The one woman was a life long democrat who supported Hillary she said the Democratic party has left her and she was supporting Sarah Palin because she was a Washington outsider who is for real reform and reformed her own State. Another couple standing next to us was from as he said "The Peoples' Republic of Vermont." I was surprised at the number of people from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine at the event. Sarah Palin did not arrive until 2:15. Despite the extra long wait the kids were patient and the people surrounding us were impressed as to how well behaved they were.

I wore a shirt that said "I am voting for" and a picture of Sarah Palin and below it said "Oh yeah and that old guy too." A number of people loved the shirt about 20 people took pictures of the shirt. I picked up the shirt on Ebay.

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