Sunday, October 12, 2008

Residency to be checked in Croydon.

The Croydon School Board met October 8th. At that meeting the school board reported that parents were required to sign papers affirming students residency in Croydon. Patti L. and her friend will be confirming residency for all students whose tuition is being paid by the Croydon school district. These steps are being taken to avoid non-Croydon residents tuition being paid for by Croydon residents as it was in the past.

Gayle H. expressed concern that a number of students lived outside of the district yet Croydon residents were paying tuition for these students for a number of years. Gayle H. wonder if Croydon residents could recover these tax dollars. George Caccavaro stated that recovering said tax dollars could be costly to Croydon residence. The residence need to decide if they want to risk a lawsuit, the cost and possibly never recovering said dollars. Croydon taxpayers may have to eat the loss of their tax dollars. However the school board should be making every effort to avoid wasting Croydon's residents hard earned tax dollars in the future.


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