Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NH Homeschoolers' rights under attack again.

New Hampshire's homeschooling advocates let us down with S.B. 337. In fact I question are they really out to support full homeschooling freedom or are they more concerned about appeasing public educators. Each homeschooling parent must fight for their own freedom and not rely on these so called homeschooling advocates.

I received the message below from the Homeschooling Legal Defense Association.


From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

New Hampshire: Help Stop Increase in Homeschool Regulation

Dear Members and Friends,

It is critical that New Hampshire homeschoolers send
homeschool-friendly representatives to the legislature this year.
New Hampshire homeschoolers fought a tough battle last year against
S.B. 337 that would have significantly increased government intrusion
into the lives of homeschoolers. And, as much as I would like to
report otherwise, this small victory last year IS NOT an indication
that the battle is over.

I have received multiple reports that some members of the education
committees are preparing to file legislation to substantially increase
regulation over New Hampshire homeschools. These reports indicate a
serious threat to freedom for New Hampshire homeschools, and I am
asking you to take action now to help prevent this threat.

Members of the House Education Committee who supported the Rouse
amendment to S.B. 337 (the Rous Amendment was the more restrictive
amendment) were:

Representative J. Timothy Dunn of Cheshire--District 03
Representative Claire Clarke Merrimack--District 06
Representative Kim Casey of Rockingham--District 11
Representative Kimberly Shaw Hillsborough--District 26
Representative Emma Rous Strafford--District 07 and Chair of the
Education Committee.

Members of the Senate Education Committee who supported the Estabrook
version of S.B. 337 (the most troublesome version) were:

Senator Iris W. Estabrook, District 21 includes Dover, Durham,
Epping, Lee and Rollinsford.)
Senator Joseph A. Foster, District 13 Nashua
Senator Martha Fuller Clark, District 24 includes Greenland,
Hampton, Hampton Falls, New Castle, Newington, North Hampton,
Portsmouth and Rye.
Senator Molly Kelly, District 10 Keene includes Chesterfield,
Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Hinsdale, Keene, Marlborough, Richmond, Surry,
Swanzey, Troy and Winchester.)

The representatives listed above have demonstrated that they favor
increased governmental regulation over New Hampshire homeschools.
This is in spite of facts that show that homeschoolers continue to
perform well. It is hard to understand why New Hampshire legislators
and Education Department bureaucrats want to invest so much time in
regulating an area of education succeeding so well, especially when
New Hampshire public schools need far more attention.

Unless you take action to send different kinds of members to the
legislature, we will likely have a far more difficult time fending off
increased regulation in the coming legislative session


1. Support homeschool friendly candidates.

I urge you to get involved in your local races in support of the
homeschool-friendly candidate. Find out where the candidates stand
and get involved. In New Hampshire, it is possible for a handful of
people to influence a House election because the races are in
relatively small areas. The best way for homeschoolers to preserve
freedom for homeschooling in New Hampshire is to elect representatives
who will vote against increased regulation.

2. Attend the CheNH business meeting.

CheNH will be holding its annual business meeting on October 24. An
exciting guest speaker who is active in local government in the
Seacoast area is planned. He will talk about the upcoming legislative
battles over homeschooling based on his personal experience. Please
make plans to attend now. Even if you aren't a member of CheNH, you
won't want to miss this event. For more information visit the CheNH
website at www.Chenh.org. HSLDA is pleased to partner with CheNH and
other New Hampshire homeschool leaders to defend the freedom to
homeschool in New Hampshire with minimal government interference.

3. Stay informed about the commission that was set up as a result of
S.B. 337.

The commission has started meeting and consists of homeschoolers,
legislators and government school authorities. The commission has
been struggling to get organized, and most recently the chair of the
commission, Ms. Judy Day, resigned and Representative Kim Casey (who
supported the most restrictive legislation) has taken her place. HEAC
member Chris Hamilton has been chronicling the meetings of the
commission at a website here: http://www.hslda.org/elink.asp?id=5563 .
If you are able and interested consider attending the commission to
observe its proceedings.

Together we can preserve homeschooling freedom in New Hampshire. We
know that freedom isn't free. It requires sacrifice and hard work. I
know HSLDA can count on freedom-loving homeschoolers in New Hampshire
to zealously guard their rights.

HSLDA is privileged to serve you. Your membership allows us to
advocate for homeschooling freedom in New Hampshire, with our federal
government, and all over the world. We thank you for your attention
to these important matters of freedom and for your ongoing support.


Michael P. Donnelly, Esq.
Staff Attorney

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