Saturday, August 16, 2008

Questions not Answered

A Croydon resident sent a letter to the SAU office requesting tuition records. Why hasn't this resident received the requested information? It should be retrievable with a few strokes of a computer keyboard. This resident was first told she could get this information right away and she has yet to receive it. A number of questions and thoughts come to mind.

1. What is in this list that the school board and SAU might be hiding?

2. If they're not hiding anything why hasn't this person received the information?

3. If something is not right may I suggest that admitting a mistake and suggesting a corrective course of action is the best policy. This action would improve the current image of the board, and the SAU in many taxpayers and parents eyes.

4. If there is really nothing to hide, there is a serious question of competence. A "changing of the guard" might therefore be in order.

The SAU appears to believe they exist to be served by the people. The schools exist to serve the people. The employees of the SAU provide no direct educational benefit to our children. The majority of those employees represent bureaucratic bloat, precious educational tax dollars wasted.

The schools and even more so SAU's don't exist to provide jobs but it appears that is exactly why SAU's were created. The entitlement mentality in schools is outrageous. The entitlement that should exist is the entitlement to the best education possible for our children provided as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Croydon has been paying for students who do not live in district. The board and the SAU seem to think this is not a big deal. But if you take food off of people's table, clothes off of people's back, fuel from people's cars and homes, retirement funds from people and money from children's college accounts, then it IS a big deal!

If school choice exists it should exist for all Croydon residents with tuition dollars following the dollars from the district where the student resides to the district that is educating said student.

Cathy Peschke

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