Monday, August 11, 2008

Property taxes to go up in 2009 for Croydon's Residents

If you do not subscribe to the Eagle Times you may not know that your property taxes in Croydon will increase 66 dollars per 100,000 dollars of assessment in 2009. This is a 25% increase in taxes. Has anyone's salary increased 25%? The story is not on-line so you will have to view the story at the library if you do not subscribe to the Eagle Times. The story is titled "Sullivan County releases estimated 2009 tax rates" by Ben Bulkeley.

With heating fuels expected to soar this winter I hope our school board members and selectmen take this into consideration when planning next years budget. During the Town Meeting next March I hope the residents of Croydon do not forget about this tax increase when voting on other tax warrants.

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