Friday, August 8, 2008

California - Homeschoolers Win Landmark Case

In a 3-0 decision the California Court of Appeal reversed its earlier ruling which would have required homeschoolers to be certified teachers in order to homeschool. To read the rest of the story go to the the Home School Legal Defense Association's website.

Bravo to the homeschoolers of California. I would like to see New Hampshire homeschoolers step up to the plate and work for total homeschooling freedom. How is it a state as large and as regulated as California has friendlier homeschooling laws than little old New Hampshire? Maybe it is time for New Hampshire to get new homeschooling advocates who really care about homeschooling freedom and homeschooling families.

“Tens of thousands of California parents teaching over 166,000 homeschooled children are now breathing easier this afternoon,” Michael Farris, Chairman of HSLDA.


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