Thursday, July 10, 2008

Teachers as "legislator bullies" left off of yesterday's post.

Yesterday I had a post titled The Teacher As Bully I left off teachers as "legislator bullies." If you take a look at both the house and the senate you will find a disproportional number of "educrats" compared to the percentage of "educrats" in the general population. Why are there so many "educrats" who are legislators? There are at least two reasons, number one is the teachers' unions, they are an extremely wealthy, large and powerful group and they throw millions of our tax dollars annually at candidates that will push their agenda. The second reason is they have the time, with a short work year and retirement ranging from age 55 to 60 there are plenty of them who have the time to do the unions dirty work.

We saw this, this past year with legislation regarding "adequate education", education until age 18, legislation regarding kindergarten and legislation effecting home schoolers. Legislators are doing everything in there power to get more children in public schools because more children means more money and more money in the pockets of "educrats." It also means less money in taxpayers pockets.

Cathy Peschke

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